oh hello SATURDAY! Go get that better future.

31 July 2021


Good morning beauties! We have that super heads up warning when the Moon comes into contact with Uranus. This day offers an opportunity to receive something that will elevate your mind and get you focused into the grounded and stabilizing of a creative project – OR – you will get into a tangle with someone who may be coming off as a bit irrational and unhinged. Things can be flapping in the wind and banging about. The test arrives JUST TO SEE IF YOU STILL BITE into these kinds of things that YOU KNOW will ruin your day and get you fixated into negative thoughts for about 3 days. This day can be like a line of coke or a bag of pure cane sugary sweets -- do you divulge, even though you know this is toxic for you and is harming you in the long term? If no one is looking, do you do some sort of unsavory thing? OR DO YOU NOT. Do you finally see the illusion in addictions and “quick” fixes that elevate you for a minute and put you in bubble wrap, so you don’t have to clearly see and feel the realities of life? Your voice is needed today, but not in fighting or getting your way. It needs to be open to receiving wisdom that will show you the way out of scarcity and harsh lands where your garden will not grow. Above everything, value yourself and allow the rest to follow. To say no to an addiction that only soothes the moment, is to honor that you deserve a better future. You CAN put toxic fertilizer in because it's cheaper and you have a lot of land to cover. You CAN talk yourself into cutting corners with what is hidden and is not really the manifestation of things. But everything you plant will now be toxic. Stop cutting corners that actually need you investing more. 

  • MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Uranus.
  • MOON DEGREES: 5 to 16 Taurus.
  • MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

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