oh hello MONDAY! Let's fall in love!

26 July 2021


Oh babies! Hello to this day that is REALLY about getting you to see what is keeping you in illusion about ways you have been treating your body or day to day routine that needs a serious upgrade into new world visions of what IS the potential. We were programmed to eat all the wrong things, to say all the wrong things, to do all the wrong things. We chase after our wound reactions and take short term rushes that hurt our long-term happiness. And each one of you is going to start waking up RAPIDLY in regard to where you DID have your head buried in the sand – where you were programmed to place it. This will bring changes in how you see others and where things grow even more in contrast to where people are at in life. Some are needing to hit rock bottom and finally awaken --- but most of you are going to already be feeling that some new dream is possible and that a new view is EXCITING AF. This energy is like a wave that will swoop us up, but it TOTALLY reminds me of falling in love or getting some business opportunity and how it just changes everything and gets your hormones all dreamy over potentials to be. So do know and honor that the blackest of storms proceed a shift that will be indescribable for most of you because it will feel like a sweetness you haven’t seen before. ONE THING that opens this drawbridge is that you DO need to sit in the discomfort and just breathe until it shifts. This time wants you RECEIVING inspiration for the next level of your life. But when it is time to move on up, it WILL feel mighty claustrophobic and DOWN to the ground. But it doesn’t stay there, and this is not the final destination. So get on the raft and float down the river and just see what is on the way. There are rainbows for all if you just keep moving through what moves you to NEED a change of how things roll along. Your need for change, with a surrendering spirit, gets your scene to change DRAMATICALLY. So hold on.

  • MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Venus
  • MOON DEGREES: 2 to 14 Pisces.
  • MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

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