oh hello MONDAY! Quick fixes don't last.

2 AUGUST 2021


We have a BUSY DAY today and you need to be armed in knowing where you need to place yourself! People are CHATTY and they are talking about things with their future that are still mysterious and yet to be understood, but where they feel a strong calling like THIS IS their thing. Do be aware that this can cause fears or thoughts that maybe you are a fraud and don’t deserve to be in some position of opportunity. EXPECT to have to soothe your mental thoughts and to position yourself in a more respectful light. Don’t see that maybe you won't have a way! See that you 100% will get to your goals and that you trust the process to get you there.

See that you FIRST must align with certain people and go through certain experiences where you feel insecure or sensitive of what you bring. But then you are to see that when in the best groups, you do thrive. And if others aren’t doing what you want to do, don’t bank on them being the best authority to guide you! Don’t allow their toxic views of limitation to be what gets you not tending your garden and working to build the things you want to experience in the future. The quick fixes of the last decade are collapsing at this time because they were fronts that were not really grounded in reality. Don’t judge how you were conned into racing your way to the top.

But stop fronting as someone you are not. When you do get there in life, and really embody the confidence of your gifts and what you want to bring, you will vibe this certain way like how a mother is with their 3rd baby versus the 1st. When you are there, you will know it. Until then, keep working till your veggies do grow. It's NOT ALL about the rush of the destination.

  • MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Mars. Black Moon. North Node.
  • MOON DEGREES: 29 Taurus to 10 Gemini
  • MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

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