oh hello FRIDAY! It's the 13th all the way!


Hello Friday the 13th! And what a day! This one is going to require that you pay attention to your mind and see how you can process what comes in ways where you see for a solution or upgrade or something to help rebuild what feels like a bit of a pain. People may be dropping things and we are a step out of place. It feels like there is a tilt that is forcing us to face things and to do what we can to set them straight. Kind of like how I told you last week about finally ending my amazon membership because it ultimately is a vote FOR destruction and exploitation.

We fall into these automatic spaces, but are they the best for us, or were they what people with money positioned in front of us to believe as being our authority? Facebook and Instagram show followers and likes, but what if we got to see how much the big accounts spent each month to BE put front and center? It is a capitalistic playground where those that pay get to play. And yes, things are loud and with big numbers and in our face, but IS THIS REALLY integrity and something that is clean energy? Should we follow and buy into the influencers because they dominate our space?

This energy wants you really waking up and seeing how hidden agendas of manipulation actually FEEL different – but that you are programmed to choose them anyway because of the intent to not earn you, but buy you – and enchant you their way. When you naturally ARE this thing, you overflow it and water the world with your magic. When you are more focused on being seen in a role or winning others over or being the best, you assert towards manipulation to amplify. Like, getting toxic fillers. Like, altering current reality with something that IS harmful in the long run.

We must stop chasing what gets us to cheat our way to the top. It won't pay off in the long run. Life is karma testing you EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY. Here, drink this, snort this, pop this, and you will feel superhuman now. This will hurt your future potential -- but you WILL feel great RIGHT NOW. Now or later. What do you choose?

We constantly are faced with loans we can take out today but that we have to pay off at 100 to 1,000 times interest. We DO get it now though!! And THAT THERE is the test. Do we work and wait for the money and have a clean future? Or do we want it all now and will sell our souls to just be this thing we think we need right now? As everyone knows as we age, we don’t choose the same things when we are younger, and we never would want to be back there again. So, see that it is always best to work longer and harder for what you really want. To wait means better things in the long run. Don’t WANT to just be on top and the best. Allow your authenticity to lift you to WHEREVER the Great Mystery wants you to be. Surrender – and work harder at what feels like a natural way to rise. We don’t always have to manipulate to create our better lives.


  • MOON PLANNER: Pluto. Jupiter.
  • MOON DEGREES: 20 Libra to 3 Scorpio
  • MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds

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