oh hello SATURDAY! Rock bottom is good news!


Good morning sweet beauties! So today is going to be super – different. It feels good to me but it's odd in how it plays out as we are being led down paths that are showing us what we need to let go of or to face so that we aren’t in patterns repeating keeping us feeling like we DON’T have a place. Something is happening with your system where you are being pulled inward to see how you have allowed another to cross your boundaries and get you believing this other thing. For this reason, many of you can feel depleted and as if it all is too much. Seeing how much pain others have inflicted can have you mad and sad to the point you just want to give up.

But remember that rock bottoms are where we want to be right now because it is the only way to get us shooting back up with passion and full force into manifesting a life that is better than what you have seen. Do not be afraid of what seems to be a bad bet or where you counted on something, and it has not arrived yet. Many of you will be facing a decision where it did NOT turn out as you planned. But remember my story of ending up in Durango and then pretty much completely losing my stability while there. But then a year later I get hooked up with a team of women from Durango who help manage businesses, which I THOUGHT I was going to find when I moved there, and we only were introduced because of a friend I met while there! So don’t give up on where you lost it all and now have to rebuild what has burned to the ground. The harder it is the more beautiful it grows when you DO overcome.  See that transformation is what gets us better and gets us more in tune with our hearts. You got a new story to tell and it will rise after this heavy load gets moved and dealt with high vibe style. See for the glass half full and keep at doing whatever it takes. This time is to show how strong you ARE – even though you may not fully see it for a few more days. Still, soon your shoulders will broaden as you remember how capable you ARE. Actually.


  • MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Saturn.
  • MOON DEGREES: 4 to 17 Scorpio
  • MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds

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