oh hello THURSDAY! Do it with grace.


Okay sweet beauties! Heads up today because we have a test where you will be in interactions with others and something they do or say will have you experiencing a dip of energy where you suddenly feel like a loser or will feel the walls closing in on you or you’ll start to see shadows falling on your dreams. THIS IS JUST A TEST!! It is just a moment when you are to NOT allow your mind to just run wild into fields of fears that get you confused about your state of things. You 100% can leave your safe place and wander into dangerous lands where your mind is trying to get you confused and to do the very things that will cut you short.

Don’t chase after any answers and instead think like you are an open bowl and ready to receive whatever it is you need. Don’t fine tune focus into potential scenarios, and instead sit back and meditate and allow the best scenarios to rise. You are addicted to thinking that certain things that don’t rush in with gusto must mean there is something wrong with you, and today we are all about blaming everyone else for where we are now. What I have seen in the shipping world lately is that everyone is late and waiting on others so they can move forward. So, it's rippling this frustration with timings where things aren’t working as quickly as we would like AND we are blaming others for putting us in this position that then has us putting others in the same position. It's a chain reaction that needs YOU processing this with patience where you aren’t seeing your destiny as flawed because things take longer than you planned.

The test is checking how you handle the dysfunction and whether you want to give up and space out and frazzle to the max, or if it makes you even more determined in getting through the challenges without always thinking something is wrong because other people have journeys that look different. Joy comes from putting things into harmony and showing up as someone who doesn’t just cast away because it doesn’t resonate. Talk with grace. See with grace. Think with grace. It's time to be your better version and to be the one going higher with things. Allow others to follow – or not. It's only on YOU to be the grace. It's not on you to see the disgrace in others and to be the judge of their lives.


  • MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Chiron. 
  • MOON DEGREES: 6 to 19 Libra
  • MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds

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