JULY 2 | Saturday

Good morning sweet beauties! SO------ something really big happens around this day that is to get you standing up and making the decision to go for love and to go against anything that forces you into having small visions.

This energy can feel a bit painful to many of you because it's making you come out of your comfort zone and take a risk of the heart. This is personal and it hits you to the core in order to wake up some rising star that used to be a dream you believed in. Provocation from the external is here in order to wake up something inside of you that accepts less than because you dont really believe you have a home in the world. You may feel lost and alone and without what you most hoped you would have -- and if you do feel this way, this is here for you to align to a new storyline where you believe your time IS coming and that opening day WILL soon arrive.

It's about getting you loving the wait that is building something wonderful for you to soon step into. It's about being pregnant and being patient with the baby that you just can't wait to finally hold.

But work is being done on your baby to get them in the best position. So you need to sit with the dream of what will one day be AS you honor that things are not going to be here just yet as delays are written in the forecast. This energy is working to get us loving the in-between of the vision holding and the dream manifesting. Things are triggering us to stop reaching as if the destination is all you are to seek for. This journey right here is helping you make better decisions about what is in your life that needs you expecting that all things ARE working FOR YOU and that none of this is actual confirmation that you are a loser.

To be pushed back on the mountain of life is a GIFT. We NEVER want to assert through manipulations just to get to the success positions because we won’t vibrate the actual journey and teachings of what we just flew past. It is when we get pushed back that we learn things!!!! It is when we lose it all and end up in the gutter, spinning our wheels and only getting deeper in debt, that we really pay attention to life.

We need to sit in that position in order to GROW NEW DREAMS. We need the empty in order to seek and work for filling things up in more soul satisfying ways. Much of what was programmed into you deals with supporting the corporate vision of things. And without even realizing it, you support what big money WANTS you to do. The easiest way to wake you up out of that spell is to derail you and make you think your plans are NOT going to happen. When dreams fall to the wayside, and we see that what we THOUGHT was a winner is not getting the attention we hoped for, we go into a special sort of space where we find ourselves again. We tune into humble parts of our heart that get us remembering certain things that we can only face when feeling unseen by life.

Embrace what makes you feel lost in translation and DO keep looking for a reason for why you got here because inspiration will next come on HOW to get you out of there. Once you touch down, you ARE to find something that shoots you into a better view.


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