JULY 1 | Friday

There is going to be a big shift with moving into July that everyone will notice! Expect to start getting answers and to finally feel stronger or more powerful FROM what has burned away in your life. Something shifts DRAMATICALLY where we are now getting up and getting back to business.

Many of you will finally come out of what has had you stuck for months, and some, for years, where you knew you needed to embark on a new path but were not clear on where you were being shown to go. This put you planted in chaos and in situations that make the disfunction even larger for you to see. Around this day we turn a corner, and it somehow changes how our minds work, in a similar way to how the growing process gives us new perspectives. In our youth we take so much more personally, and when we get older things tend to roll off our backs. When young, being in love and in conflict can derail us from seeing anything else going on in our lives -- but being older and in love and in conflict is taken with stride and with a more patient mind KNOWING things always eventually work out.

This shift is getting us wiser and older in the brains where we process things in more loving ways. We assume rejection in our youth that doesn’t even get our attention when we are older. Your mind talks to you different when you are younger -- and it's not so forgiving! The aging process ripens us into the best wines that lack the depth in younger days. Even fermented foods only gain value and nutrition FROM the aging process. It’s time for us to wake up and see that we only get better from the Earth Walk -- and also that things ARE going to change. They are NOT staying fixated forever so we need to see for the light in what still needs to arrive and we need to trust that things won't always feel painful. You won't always be in the shade and feeling as if you aren’t important. You won't always be suffering to make it to the light and almost losing faith that you will ever get your time.

This energy wants you owning something inside of you that then eventually manifests you what that is. It wants you feeling sensitive and unloved SO THAT you own what got you feeling that way and what conned you into finding fault with yourself if you are not where you thought or where you feel others expect you to be. You are a work in progress and that is a beautiful thing! There is nothing wrong with how life has tripped you up and scabbed your knees and taken you off schedule with your dreams. You are being groomed to embody the most light and it comes from experiencing what is dark. Face that life is a gift and what stings is just getting you to work harder at creating a life you love.



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