JULY 3 | Sunday

You are going to encounter people around this day that somehow are here to help you move forward in finding yourself and accessing what your heart is really telling you. This week has been about stinging us alive and provoking us to grow. It's been about hard knocks waking us up and squeezing us into better peoples who are holding higher visions about what could next be. Honestly, the recession on the way was created. It all was a plan put finally into action in 2016 to snuff the life out of regular people and exalt life for those already living above what they need. It was when a new order was to be paved out that essentially squeezes the hope out of the artists with wishes that we all will fall in line and accept a less than life.

But WE KNOW that the sky is the limit if it's what our mind and energy are focused on. We KNOW that what we see as our future is what we are carving out to eventually be. In Mercury Retrograde School, I showed my class that I was leaving my home that was toxic and making me and my future sick, but that I didn’t have a new home and had 3 weeks to work serious magic. I told them that, yes, the rich have been buying up Taos, NM and everyone says there are no rentals. We also are experiencing the biggest forest fire in our history, where 16,000 people were displaced and also looking for places to stay. It also was short notice.

So according to what I COULD believe through mainstream programming, it would be a nightmare and most likely I would be left out in the cold. But what I got to show them, is that I actually manifested 7 potential homes that I could move into – and they all came word of mouth! Nothing was craigslist and where everyone was looking; I only trusted that I would talk to the right person or that personal connections would be made. I showed them that I only lost hope on 2 occasions and otherwise waited patiently but faithfully seeing that things would work out just fine. And they did – as I sit here writing with views of Taos Mountain as my next door neighbor, with the mountain streams going through the property and 3 horses on the pasture to watch out my window.

There are always going to be old world things trying to keep you in the old world visions of what can be. Things want to pull you to the past and keep you from believing that you can do the miraculous and CAN manifest out of clear air. My whole career I have shown people the art of taking a leap of faith and NOT having any obvious net to catch me. And whatever I hoped would happen, HAS. So keep your eyes on the prize and accept that others are going to try to distract you from doing what they call impossible. But snap awake and remember that you were BORN to do what others will never dare to do. This IS your design.

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