FEB 28 | Monday

Good morning beauties! Today is important! Today you get to walk these really interesting tests with others where you may feel the dodgeball energy as people fling lightning bolt intentions towards others that ARE to knock them on the ass. You are to be careful that you also are not the ball or lightning bolt thrower, which is going to hurt you REAL BAD at this time. 

We are in the Record Keeper energy that I talked about yesterday where karma is sped up in order to get you to wake up to the ways you are evil with others when you so want to be this high vibrating spiritual being. We want to be seen this certain way, but how are we when the going gets tough or we DON’T get our way? THAT is a true indication of who you really are on the inside and how healed you REALLY are of your wounds. 

In therapy, I learned that we still manifest ALL the tests from the pain we have seen in our past. We don’t just stop manifesting the vibrations of what we have seen and what we have done in our past. What happens is that we circle back to these certain situations IN ORDER to eventually NOT feel the same triggers inside. But things don’t necessarily stop just because we have upgraded. It is that we need to keep experiencing them and NOT having a body that vibrates hatred or envy or wishes for others to experience pain.

MOST PEOPLE get joy at the thought of others losing it all, IF that other has not obeyed our wishes – and THINK ABOUT THAT. So many of us celebrate in thinking THEY will get what they put out there – not realizing WE are going to get it TOO because we wish it for another! The energy of Earth only hears what you speak and think and do. It doesn’t understand, OH I want THAT person to lose their stability, but I want to soar and live this amazing and loving life. It does not hear you specifying that this other person is the one you want to experience pain and loss; it only hears that you are wishing for pain and loss. And you will THEN be delivered what you vibrate and hope OTHERS are going to experience.

The wake-up energy says, WISH GOOD THINGS for those who hurt you and you will experience good things and people who no longer hurt you!!!!! Oh my God!!! The answer is BE and you shall receive. And make what YOU BE what you preach and wish others would be! If you hold a vibration, you will see it manifest. So, all the pain we see in the world is what others are ACTUALLY holding on the inside!! I warned you that 2020 was when your TRUE insides will show on the outside – and look at what 2020 brought us all!!! A pandemic. And my birthday was the birthday of covid. My birthday was also the birthday of Fukushima. They love to pick March 11 for the most life altering things! 

I’m working from the other side to get you all seeing that you are WAY more powerful than you ever could believe and you ARE seeing what you are holding inside. Your life on the outside is your vibration on the inside. And you WON'T be able to beat anything into submission in order to bring more light into your life. It will only be if on the inside you vibrate love and peace. So – wake up or be washed away. Stop believing that pain brings love and hurtful forces will get you what you wish to see. WAKE UP. STOP planting more pain. Stop bitching and thinking it is the way to your dreams. Haven’t you figured out it's taking you to your nightmares and your worst fears? Slam on the breaks and reposition the intent of your lightning bolt moves.


28 February 2022 | MONDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Uranus. Moon/Mercury. Moon/Saturn.  
MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Mercury. Saturn.  
1  8  9 | 7 to 21 Aquarius


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