MARCH 1 | Tuesday

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Pisces and today is going to get you in connection with others where you are to be inspired, or provoked, into seeing your place in the world in an upgraded way. This energy is to birth the dreamers who haven’t seen what they want just yet but that they still are holding steady to KNOWING they can manifest magnificent things. We now have been through some heavy tests that are showing us our true vibration and how we can't see changes on the outside until we have created them on the inside. We also can't beat things into position when the energy we hold inside is frustration or anger or demonic ways. 

We can only manifest a better life by walking the ways we want life to be for us. It is THE ONLY WAY in this new energy that we can manifest true joy and happiness. If you feel like you are in hell, you created this over the past few years and now it is here for you to change your ways. If you feel dead inside and like there is no hope or reason to be a kind person because YOU haven’t been treated kindly, then you need to wake up each day and ask the Great Mystery to give you situations to be of service where you are thinking of others instead of staying fixated into blaming other factors on what you sit in today. 

If you stop focusing on how wrong your life is, you will see so many people around you who need YOU talking in a higher vibrating way and extending your hands, even if you only have $5 to your name. Each person that awaits your compassion is a dent in clearing the debt of your past hurtful ways – that honestly most of you didn’t think mattered! You thought, hey my thoughts are on the inside or said privately with my best gossipy friends, so they don’t really matter. 

HA! The joke is on you. They matter MORE. The ways you relished in diminishing others and trying to find fault in those just trying to walk the healing journey are potholes that will knock you out JUST as you get to the top of the mountain. We also have karma hitting us in ironic ways like that; where you think you got away with something, but at the very last moment things crumble to show you that all your energy matters. We really do not get away with anything and it's time to only DO loving things so that our actions start creating a life of bliss.

Things will return to test you to see if NOW you are showing your sweet side even when life feels tart. Your wounds give you permission to be a dark spirit in how you work with others, but your healed ways show you that you only want to see the light in others because IT IS THERE. If you want others to see your light inside you have to see that they all have it too. The more you judge and belittle, the more life has secret snafus that will humble you when you most think you are on top of the game. Earth is a trickster and just because you think things are hidden doesn’t mean they weren’t powerful seeds planted that will derail you when you most think you are headed for success. 

You are NOT safe unless you always work to be the compassion and to understand that what we show is how we were hurt and let down in life -- but to affirm that or make fun of that in others just shows how much we still need to heal our wicked ways. THEY WILL get what they dish out, but so will you! So don’t be the ultimate judge in thinking it is a good idea to project your own fractures onto others because you will have to pay for what you wish they would discover. Instead, walk with grace and send out wishes that others in pain will wake up and start behaving kindly. Be and you will see. See and life will be.


1 March 2022 | TUESDAY
0  1 | 22 Aquarius to 5 Pisces

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