FEB 27 | Sunday

Okay then! These energies can feel fierce in that we are dealing with others who are not going our way or in alignment with our new dreams, and it can have many of you feeling violent and furious in not wanting to be tied down by what keeps you in old world visions of how things can be. 

Things hit hard today, and they move you to do something about it. Do your all to not be hurtful because you will get that same energy times 10 coming back into your life. Things are accelerating in order to show you that if you hit someone else, several others will hit you even harder. WE HAVE TO WAKE UP to the energy we put out there and stop venting and going demonic when we THINK we aren’t getting our way. 

I can tell you that this time has really changed how people show themselves when they think only one person is seeing them – or when they are in the detachment of a screen and keyboard to deliver their feelings. Just like how we wear masks and can hide the facial expressions that normally would be seen, we now send emails that are EVIL and full of hurtful intent where we act like babies in thinking we know best on the timing of things or what our opinion brings. We type with hatred and slice and dice with words that we would NEVER want to come our own way. We have become the walking dead BECAUSE we are getting back what we put out there when we held no compassion on the reality of heavy loads that others have to bear. We walk with our wounds typing the words and staying dark in the minds about what victims we are and how EVERYONE ELSE is to blame.

And to hold that vibration is an act of self-loathing The real problem is that rejection of self and lack of true self love is what drives most of you to now want everyone else to feel your pain and to suffer if they IN ANY WAY are not quickly delivering what you think you need to feel okay. 

But again – where are we with this?? It is wanting the external to come and THEN to have that be what fills you up with love. So, all external that is not showing up is getting you to HATE on what you think you need to be here for you now. See the trap! See that you are going to bury yourself in situations that suck the life out of you if you keep dishing it out to others where you keep INTENTIONALLY wanting to inflict pain. And keeping it real, there are 59 Record Keepers on this planet and each one of them is INSTANT KARMA. So, what you do to THEM is what is INSTANTLY done back to you times 3. 

They are here to teach us that we don’t get away with venting our evil frustrations and doing things that we then walk away where we in any way justify being a dark spirit. And for the record, I AM a Record Keeper. So what you all bring to me is going back to you times 3. The love you feel for me, brings love into your own life. The hatred you feel for me, brings hatred into your own life. 

And how the Record Keepers are treated is a reflection of what we ALL see as the theme of what the whole world will experience!! Record Keepers also are being tested not to get so angry that they end up killing people. The last person I was furious with, who did me and my Dad wrong, by stealing these rings he wanted ME to have, was then stabbed to death, along with her husband, from a home intruder who had mental illness. And my dad was schizophrenic – but really a genius. And I 100% believe Lois Ladd would still be alive now if she gave me his rings like she promised him she would do. 

You NEVER want to fuck with a Record Keeper, and you have NO IDEA if that person you are throwing shade towards is one. Well, actually you will know, because your life will fall apart and collapse. So BE THE LOVE even if you think others are not giving you what you think you need from them. Some of us bring things back quickly so that you can learn it is NEVER good to be mean or to disgrace or to destroy another because YOUR WOUNDS are being hit. Your wounds are YOUR THING to heal. And your wounds are what now get you to show your ugly sides and to want others to suffer too. 

A healed being has compassion and doesn’t take ghosting or confusing reactions as an attack on their own sense of self-worth. That is the walking wounded talking – and unfortunately those voices are what we most hear in the world right now. RAGE at how others are not tap dancing around their own wounds and making them feel totally comfortable and unjostled. RAGE that they are not happy and abundant and living the dream. Expel the rage and you will feel many reasons to feel miserable. Wake up -- or be buried alive in pain.


27 February 2022 | SUNDAY

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Venus. Moon/Mars. Moon/Pluto.

MOON PLANNER: Venus. Mars. Pluto.

1  7  8 | 23 Capricorn to 6 Aquarius


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