FEB 26 | Saturday

Get ready for some unusual energy!! What I am being shown is that we are walking deeply into old patterns and ways that we have followed along and bought into some old world idea on how the climb up the mountain should be. Ultimately, we are conditioned to be fake, fabricated and superficial in what we offer as our front-line image. But -- authenticity is the way of the New Earth and it's the ONLY way all of you are going to find true happiness in life, and not just the amplified rush of certain outcomes that make you feel in control for a few minutes of your day. Fronts are falling and many of you can feel like you want to abuse yourself or put yourself down and think you are a fraud. 

So, allow something that maybe hits you to the core to rise in this day, but go with the ride and experience the journey! What is unusual about this energy is that we are hitting things with a thud or dropping into the lowest of feelings, but THEN, like in all the superhero movies, something is to drop into your consciousness that plants a seed of something you hadn’t considered as a reality or path that would benefit you. But the low feelings are there because something needs you to let this go and stop beating what you now are crippling because you don’t let up and allow it to unfurl and become what it is to be in an AUTHENTIC and original way. 

The greatest skill of New Earth is PATIENCE. This is about trusting that all the pieces are working to come together to create a bigger plan that combines from all the people doing things from an authentic and patient space.  People who beat down the door or who stay pressed to what they THINK needs to be occurring are the ones who will be most beaten down by this energy. Because, do YOU like it when people keep at you with pointing fingers saying DO FOR ME NOW, DO FOR ME NOW, DO FOR ME NOW. OR – do you like to freely go your own flow and get things down where there is love in all that you do and an organic flow to how you do your thing. 

Most people are so in the control of life that they spend their time waiting for little bursts of excitement where they are getting something, but what they don’t realize is that then they are pressed to the next thing they are waiting for. Kind of like ordering on amazon and using your time to then keep looking to see where it is at and when it will be here. But then we keep ordering more so that we have that one rush of WAITING for something and staying focused on thinking we need it now and that IT will be what helps us feel better. It's a trap that many of you don’t realize you are involved in – and it's ultimately taking you out of the present and into this stance of wanting other things to get there quicker and be in your possession. 

And NONE of those things are making you happy anymore because we are just addicted to thinking things outside of us will be what helps us feel happy inside of us. And we love the speed of it all thinking that waiting is a negative process in life. But if you were programmed to fake it until you make it, you DO want things RIGHT NOW and you don’t want to accept the FACT that most of us don’t even enter our prime where we are full of confidence and a vibration that WILL impact others until our 40s, 50s and beyond! Slow is always 100% better in New Earth because it means you are SURE and TRULY cooked all the way through. 

So, allow the lessons to show you it IS okay to go a different way than how the mainstream wants you to cheat your way and microwave your dreams into reality. Don’t forget that microwaves KILL every single bit of nutrition in the food you heat up that way. And if you boil water in the microwave and then water your plants with it, they WON'T GROW and will stay stunted or will die. Fast is so old world and it creates things that don’t have true value of the best experience they could be. 

I eat a few zucchinis a day where I slice them up and season them and then cook them in the oven for about an hour. I realized that cooking them in cast iron is quick and they are good that way, but in the oven, and over time, they are AMAZING. It's why I eat several of them a day!! And it's why my home always smells SO GOOD and creates this nurturing feeling from the garlic, onion, cayenne, salt and grapeseed oil! And on the stovetop, the smells don’t go as far through the house as they do when they are in the oven for an hour. But it does all take time – all of which is appreciated when the mouth gets to finally chew what tastes divine.


26 February 2022 | SATURDAY



1  6  7 | 9 to 22 Capricorn




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