FEB 25 | Friday

Today is going to feel totally different to all of your days in 2022 so far!! Today is when something comes, and it feels like it brings the light into what you have been needing to see or hear from in order to fully acknowledge that the rebuild is in place and there is something new to go for.

Many of you are stepping into something that brings the feeling of abundance or what saves the day and gets you with more hope that you can get through a challenge. You also may be seeing deeply into a larger pattern and will finally uncover what was the root of disfunction or the problem that you no longer need to buy into. 

Many of you are going to wake up and realize that you DON’T HAVE to carry the old story lines of abuse and neglect and keep planting them in your future steps. And even though you KNOW THIS, what comes around this day is to enlighten you so that you really get it. We can read all the books in the world and think we know it all, but until we walk the experience, we have NO CLUE of the vibration or the reality of the words we read. It doesn’t work that way in life. 

You will never be a person who has never given birth and who thinks you can understand the pain. We read so much in order to manufacture comfort or knowledge, but words are not a journey walked, and they are only an education on how it may be or is for some people. You can't read about traveling cross country and seeing the world and have the vibration sit in your body as wisdom of what it really feels like. There is a total disconnect that most people want to deny because reading books is seen as creating power in self. But WALKING LIFE is creating actual power and a true vibration that can go out and influence others to do the same. 

In the new Earth energies, you MUST walk your talk in order for it to be an arrow shooting out there to create actual change. This is why your work must be something that you have serious passion about BECAUSE you struggled through the learning of how to get through a situation. Our gifts come from what challenged us but where we persevered and continued on even without gain or fame or the easy and superficial road of paying your way to the top.

Gifts don’t rise with money. Gifts unfold from limbo spaces where we uncover what we love to do BECAUSE we were forced to adapt through challenges.  Allow your body to register this truth and go back into your story to see what did NOT come easy and how you now have a vibration that can show others the way BECAUSE you had to walk something. See that you all were raised to be superficial, fake and not a true depth of wisdom and knowing. You also were raised to allow stronger forces to dominate you into following along and not really listening to the song of your inner spaces. 

Expect to feel more for your future and to see around this day the steps that will require you to go back and write a story with love being the outcome of what you will one day see. What WAS in your past was to give you the vibrational experience that births your purpose. It WAS supposed to be, but YOU NOW NEED to let the pain stories be empowerment steps that get you to higher places in life where you DO discover more ease.


25 February 2022 | FRIDAY



1  5  6 | 24 Sagittarius to 8 Capricorn


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