wednesday 5 january

So. Let’s talk New Earth ways. Since the 27th of December, the energy is encouraging you, and supporting you, FROM your moves that don’t go back into the old world ways where you hold limitation or keep from doing work that could benefit others. The new energy invites you to be of service and to think that if you are out and about, others need to see something higher from you, where you are more aware of them than you are of yourself and any issues that may be occurring in your life. It is when we are to become more present and doing what we can when we do need to step up and show ourselves as higher beings.

On the 27th I was in the grocery store and was looking for jasmine rice when this husband and wife walked in front of me, with big loud Northeastern voices and completely oblivious that I was standing there looking for something. The guy even stops and blocks me as he yells out to his wife that he was going to go in the next lane and look for something. Then the kids run by, and they too were loud and clueless as to what was going on around them. It was for sure nothing I have seen before, where they weren’t even considerate enough to apologize or work with me in being in the same space as them. Then the mom starts asking the kids, where is the jasmine rice? Do you see it?? And honestly, I had just grabbed my bag because they finally moved out of the way, and I turned to leave because why should I help them when they were so rude, right? They were only showing up as what I call pesticide brain, where the frontal lobe is calcified, and their eyes look a bit dead because of being around too many pesticides.

But, before I could stay old world in expressing in a certain way BECAUSE of what I was seeing, I stopped and yelled back, hey, the jasmine rice is here on the bottom shelf! Which didn’t even get a smile from her unmasked tourist face, or a thank you, but it wasn’t about that, and it didn’t even bother me, because ultimately, I was getting jasmine rice, she needed jasmine rice, and I was there 100% to show the higher ways of being in service and not needing to first see something from someone before I would give of my kindness. The moment I heard she needed what I wanted, I knew this was a New Earth test to see if I could really walk the talk and not need the world to first be something before I would show my higher ways.

And the internet has influenced younger generations to be hyper aware of their own surroundings, and in needing everyone else to fall in line so that THEY don’t feel uncomfortable. But the way we heal is not through needing everyone else to change. YES, we can read about how we need to be valued and honored for our boundaries, but we don’t get to just expect everyone else to not ruffle our feathers.

We have to learn that we all dance together, and most people have pesticide brain and things in their system where they are not going to be able to see the visions we see. People are not going to just wake up to New Earth and walk in service in all that they do. So we need to not need others to be anything other than what they are, and we need to show the love in how we navigate those rocky waters. It's all on YOU to change. It’s not on them to upgrade to match you so that you feel free to love your life. That way of thinking will keep you trapped in pain and tangled with others that push all your buttons. The New Earth change comes when you do what is right and loving even when everyone around you is doing it all wrong.

5 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Nodes. Moon/Jupiter.

MOON PLANNER: Nodes. Jupiter

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 20 Aquarius to 3 Pisces


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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