tuesday 4 january

Heads up today! Be aware that you or another is going to be acting a bit over the top in a way that deals with doing something wrong. You may suddenly get so mad and will scream out angry words or you may snap on someone and lash out in dramatic ways.

BUT – this is happening so that you QUICKLY wake up to the new dreams you have for your future and STOP acting in ways that will only bring you more pain. And today, when you misstep, you are to go back and apologize or do what you can to make it clear that that was all you and not them.

This IS something that we all are to experience where we totally go back into the old world ways – but where we stop ourselves because we don’t want to keep living out that pattern and what manifests from us constantly being so angry about it all. The short tempers have far reaches and we will never get to a life we dream if we stay so furious at all that doesn’t go our way or bring total ease. This energy wants you enjoying the challenges and growing stronger in knowing you can overcome them all.

We will be stepping into a new energy over the next few days that will get us opening more to the dream and to knowing we are small players in a huge world that is being orchestrated perfectly. We are dancers in a play where everyone else is also dancing. And like the butterfly wings, our actions affect others and influence them to live other things. Our sharp and harmful moves of late, where our tempers explode, is because we are to see how that ripples something that is NOT what we want to see personally. We are to snap awake that we don’t get to eat processed junk food and think our bodies will be healthy. We don’t get to gossip and put others down and think that the world won't also then put us down.

I believe there are curses we manifest when we cut trees – especially under the watchful eye of Taos Mountain. I’ve noticed with the houses that go up for sale, that get bought instantly by out of staters who may not even be seeing the house before paying cash for the asking prices, but the first thing they do is cut trees. And to me it's devastating as I’ve always been sensitive to that. But I also see that the mountain cuts them down and they quickly go into irrational levels of struggle – and then they sell the house. This one house was sold after someone lived there for 2 years, and now this other person in it has had it for 6 months and is moving to Oregon and doing the house as a rental for tax purposes and then is planning on selling it. And I’m looking at the person with thoughts in my mind of, WELL you did cut down that beautiful 100 year old tree that was healthy and gorgeous. Cut down people and you WILL suffer in life, so I think it is to be expected that all living things that we cut down and kill end up affecting us.

But you don’t have to believe me! Walk it and see. Kill and diminish and destroy and see how your life manifests. Trial and error your way through it – but wake up because your good IS manifesting you a better life and we need to dance harmoniously with what is already here and not be so dominant in thinking we know best and our aggression is to carve out the life we wish for.

4 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Uranus. Moon/Saturn.

MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Saturn.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 5 to 19 Aquarius


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #16 Mental Abuse Release.

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