thursday 6 january

Good morning sweet beauties! Today has TONS of movement to it and it deals with positioning you in situations that are to get your heart opening and seeing again for some idea you’ve had on life. This will deal with a limitation or some way that you are stuck in illusion and allowing it to be your truth – when ultimately, it's time to see another side to things. This will deal with your feelings being activated and then this is to get you seeing for another view that helps you understand why your body is getting so lit or heated up over certain things – THAT are up for change and needing to upgrade into a higher perspective.

For example, since growing up in St. Louis, I have always thought of Texas as SUPER low vibrating. I’ve said for over 30 years that if not for Austin, the density would break the state off and it would fall into the ocean! And no other state has ever gotten such a negative reaction out of me. But here’s the thing. I live in Taos now, and Texas thinks of Taos as the mecca – which is so interesting because it is one of the most progressive towns to live in -- and they saturate this place to the point pretty much all you see are Texas plates – which are white and boring because they pride themselves on being plain – which is another thing that triggers me having a Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house.

Anyway. It is my #1 struggle in life when I leave my home because you just can't get away from them. But a friend who lives in town too was like, “Oh they don’t bother me at all! And I’ve found the Texans who visit to be really friendly!” And other than her, I never hear anyone, except people from Texas, talk positively about Texas.

So, I decided to follow her lead and see if I could get over the frustration I feel at living in a place with SO many tourists coming from places I most want to avoid – in addition to them coming from all the high covid states. I do have several friends from Texas here, and several awesome neighbors from Texas, so I’ve been working on seeing the Texas tourists in a higher light and not like I’m dealing with toxic sludge. And it really has made a difference! I’ve been surprised several times with sweet exchanges and a repositioning of a natural reaction I have to them. I’m seeing them as the cream of the crop of the Texans that want to be here because they too are open minded like Taos.

But this has been my feeling on Texas since I was a kid, and it is just like some white person growing up to hate people of color, or men growing up to disrespect women, or kids growing up to hate that they are gay because their environment or religion conditioned them to believe it is wrong.

And now I’m being forced to confront my narrow-minded views and open to a new position on extreme over generalization.

And YOU are being forced to face something where you too were conditioned or have gotten used to one perspective and it's time to open your mind and change. I know that I don’t have time to hate, so I have to find a way to be patient and loving with what my mind has grown used to only thinking negatively about – because there is no way that all of Texas is rotten, as there is no way that all of ANYTHING is actually rotten. And if ANYTHING is stealing our love and getting us to go low vibe in our reaction to what we think is low vibe, WE have a problem.

6 January 2022



MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 4 to 17 Pisces



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