thursday 13 january

Good morning sweet love! Today is oh so busy and it has inspiration and movement written in every direction! This is when we really get busy in seeing that we got a dream that needs us walking a new path and making this what we dedicate our attention towards. Many of you are finally doing things that have been holding you back and keeping you in negative states. This will deal with reaching out to people in your past that have needed to hear from you. Or it will deal with finally needing to share something that has been hidden for some time for fear of letting others down or not presenting as what was said something would be.

I am being shown that we are in a watery space where we have to go at a bias and not keep going along as the current is taking us. It is when we see a patch of Earth we want to move over to so that we can rest – but it requires cutting through things and dealing with busy scenes where there is the potential to distract you and get you off path.

This just means we need to stay loose as we shoot for our goals, but we need to be clear that we ARE moving forward on something, and we need to reach out to those who are standing in our way so that we can pass a test that is trying to block us. This may deal with conversations that have nothing to do with where you want to move, but they are energetic blocks or knots that you haven’t faced for a while, and the backlog is what is making it hard for you to connect into this other dream space you want to move into. So, think about who needs to hear from you, and get to writing letters and making the calls and sending the emails. One or more of them is going to breakdown a block that is affecting your current moment. So anyone who comes to your mind as you read this needs you reaching out today or tomorrow!!

This is also an 11 day and that means that things cross over energetically in order to touch you and give you some sign of inspiration. This is when you feel the presence of your grandma, or you think of your favorite uncle who is no longer living. They will come and reach out to you because they can on the 11 days! BUT there also is this wild thing where most people will have a horrible day today where they got lost and confused into some mental game that distracts them to what comes and visits. They won't make the connection because they are too upset at the steps needed to get to the goal and all the people that stand in the way.

But if you enjoy the ride and honor that a diagonal move often comes when a new cycle is about to present, you will be able to move and flow with others so that it feels exciting instead of infuriating. They are here to dance with you and get you showing yourself in a better light. So be what you want to see and keep cutting through the current that is trying to pull you into the old world ways. It should feel busy, and it should feel like you need to assert effort in order to get into some new way. Make it fun! This won't last forever – and you got it in you to move massive things today. So wake up early and keep it going because you got the steam to do incredible things.


13 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Jupiter. Moon/Mercury. Moon/Saturn.

MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Mercury. Saturn.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 2 to 13 Gemini

NUMEROLOGY VIBRATION: 11 Day.                                                                 


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