saturday 15 january

Good morning ma love! Things are BIG today, and they teach us of how we need to learn to speak in ways that are our truth. -- And to find what that truth is, we need provocation. We need invitation. We need something knocking on the door and getting us to go inside and SEE how we REALLY feel and how this REALLY gets us to speak up and clear our throats about issues that DO matter to us.

This Mercury retrograde session is to be about finding your truth and getting MUCH kinder with the energy you put out into the world. This is when we are to awaken to the reality of our choices and the butterfly effect they create. We are to awaken to how GOOD it feels to help those who are behind us on the ladder and given strength to believe in better BECAUSE of our actions of care.

It is when we are to see that a loveless life is not acceptable as we will not want to keep overthinking things that keep us from actually doing and going for the dream. What wakes you all up is going to be SO dramatic and with huge dramatic changes. None of you will play it safe and all of you will feel inspired for some really big change that NOW you will want to risk it all for.

This is part of the timing changes that are occurring in your universe where the rapidness of it all is getting you to want to pay attention more to where you are and to what is around you. When in that present state, you wish for better things! When appreciating what is here and now, you dream for even better things to come. This is the power of your mind that you now always possess, and it will be what gets you moving and stepping quickly into change when the tides stop providing what WAS sustaining you.

Like Natives of the Earth, when the rivers dry up, you keep moving to where the resources will support you. You don’t just sit there and accept defeat. You also don’t look at it negatively as you understand it is a part of life. Migration is what got all of us here. We are learning to move along when things don’t feel loving, and to really commit to staying with a mental space that is okay with that – that is understanding that a higher plan plays out, and when you focus on trusting the processes with a clean mind that is waiting for solutions, your things DO come.

This is something that you must try to discover. But all of you have opened avenues in your mental space that now can draw in things quicker. It's like a plug is opened and if you want to use this avenue, you just got to appreciate the view of where you are now as you lovingly imagine the migration of your dreams. It's about going slow and being patient with the chess game and the moves we all make together, but away from what no longer feels like home.

When you allow yourself to trust and just be, you are showing that you value yourself, that you love yourself enough to see the best for your future. This Merc Retro is to get you there and to reposition your mind so that you only see for the highest of vibes. Where you are in struggle is NOT out to bury you alive! It is not to be what ruins you. Your mind too often wants to see the horrendous in what is just getting you to design something as an investment in growing better. Why not just do what you are here to do and see that all the support you need will be there when you need it and when you surrender and trust the roller coaster ride of your destiny. Hold on with love and do what you can to laugh and cry and make the most of your unique wild journey. But don’t give your vibration to negativity ever again. That is a trap of your own self undoing, and it doesn’t have to be that way.


15 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Jupiter.


MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 25 Gemini to 6 Cancer



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