sunday 16 january

Okay. Today is SO important! It's going to have a lot of movement to it and MUCH that will hit you to your heart or get you tuning into your value system. It may be that others make you feel small or where you feel you need to stand up for yourself. It also may be that you get confirmation from others valuing what you do as a creative gift, and they will be affirming that you DO still need to keep working for your dreams and to continue the dedication towards your climb up that mountain.

We either feel like we are at home with something so special, or we feel like we need to get away from everyone and not have them keep muddying up our view. There is a lot of pain to this day where people are vocal about how upset they are at the journey, and you need to do what you can to stay in your own lane and not let your mind be tempted to go into fear and into the old world ways of interpreting struggle as a negative thing.

Who are you to be the ultimate judge and to think you really know what all of this means and how it needs to be in order to create a shift in consciousness where we suddenly see for more light. Does it happen from calm waters that inspire people to just oblige and continue on? Or does it come from floods and erratic situations that force us to the limit in order to migrate into new lands? If you are sitting at the TV and have a whole bowl of popcorn, there is no need to get up and get more. It is only when it empties and you get hungry that you get up and make more.

We just need to see that the bridge from empty to satisfied is an act of self-love moving us to initiate change. It ISNT a bad thing to have to go grow a new crop to get corn to then pop it. That journey tells an experience that your soul needs to take. And if we keep seeking for devastation over everything that challenges us, we keep seeing devastation that never releases us. When we see for a song in all that transpires, we see for a life of beauty even when we sit with flat tires.

This day is to get you thinking about your wounds and about how that painted a view that now needs to upgrade and be more honoring of you. Just because THEY saw you in some low light and treated you as if you don’t matter, doesn’t mean it's okay for you to still see yourself in this low light and to keep seeing that you don’t matter. What they saw, you continue to see? Is that okay with you? Because it's not okay with me! And the next month is about getting you to FEEL the potency of your thoughts that are about inflicting pain and affirming your inadequacies – misperceived or miscommunicated, that ARE to release and set you free.

Take care with this day and do what feels like it loves on you. Any pain you suddenly see is to be digested with love, in the tub, with good food, and doing what helps you see what needs to be transformed into a higher way of walking your future. Discomfort brings news of birth that brings joy. So allow the process and see for an amazing new shift in your reality!


16 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Chiron. Moon/Venus.

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Venus.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 7 to 18 Cancer



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