wednesday 29 december

We are getting pulled into serious conversations at this time that deal with confronting what needs to be rebuilt. This energy is YANKING us way back into our past and into patterns that are something we can't take with us in our new future. There will be sacrifices, and if it comes up over the next few days leading into the New Moon in Capricorn, IT IS to be something you transform into a different expression. Things that fall away will be replaced.

Expect to feel deeply about life right now and to maybe even feel a little sad at how hard it has been and how much it has taken out of you. Just flow with the low and understand a new motivation will be rising, but it comes in waves where you first are totally sad, and then totally jazzed over little things that happen in your day.

It is to be that we have extremes right now as this is settling us into a better understanding of ALLOWING OUR EMOTIONS to be okay, but to also understand that emotions are mutable. You will never ever attain only one way of feeling unless you take drugs to manipulate your natural ways. But real life is low and high and with a depth that can never be expected or even always understood. It is called life for a reason because it's to be alive with multi-dimensional experiences.

With only high times, things won’t feel high. They only feel high because you know low. The low is like a soup cooking for hours as it works up something that will taste divine. High is like cooking the soup for 15 minutes, where you do get the instant gratification of eating quickly, but it lacks the depth of a soup long simmering.

We will be seeing rapid highs and lows right now in order to get us rebuilding our systems in a grounded way that sticks with the journey while not judging the pieces and the pages and the way things go as anything other than a piece, a page, and how things are to be as they transform into what we wish for. When we change the patterns that get us escaping, where we don’t want to face the sober reality of things, we end up discovering something beautiful that helps us feel capable with handling the challenges of life. When we face how we SHOULD have done something, but looked the other way and followed along, we learn how to distinguish what is walking all over us or working with us, abusing us or celebrating us.

Where we are addicted to things that are toxic, mean and hurtful, we hide wounds that reach and do the pain that they don’t want to face is inside of them too. Someone who is sexually abused is more likely to abuse someone else – because they know it and have experienced it. We hate in ways that hate has been done to us. We do in ways that things have been done to us. We go to school and are taught right from wrong, whether it really is right or wrong, and we go out and walk it. We are copies of what we have seen.

And this time is a gateway opening to the depth of your soul and the patterns you have been walking where a serious conversation will be taking place that is to free you and show you that you didn’t need to escape. You just thought you did. Thoughts can be deceiving. Feelings can be mysterious, but they are the truth. Be open to what you need to see and value that healing is taking place so that you seek more for glass half full and a deep trust that knows you aren’t alone, and you aren’t getting things wrong. The ebbs and flows can be trusted.

29 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Uranus. Moon/Saturn.

MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Saturn.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 6 to 19 Scorpio


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream. #15 Wound healer.

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