tuesday 28 december

Good morning! Here comes the determination you need to finally speak about what you feel has been holding you back and keeping you limited with your potential. We finally see that a big picture is playing out in all of our lives showing us that we need to stop fighting what is not working and just let go and wait to be shown the next steps.

We need to think like we are crossing a bridge in a traffic jam where we can't get out or do anything but trust this journey and go as we are being led. As we live Christ Consciousness, we allow life to happen and to teach us the hotter and colder game. But we also have to remember that we don’t need to understand why things happen or what better life could be lived if something HAD NOT happened.

We need to be on the bridge in a traffic jam and trust the process. And believe that the people that show up on either side of us are there for good reason. We just need to sit back more and see that something bigger is always going on and it is NOT out to hurt you. When you do sit back in this surrendering way, better things start to happen. It's like what people say when they finally go into recovery or stop doing some old habit that kept them in escape mode, that THEN they totally came alive. Most men I meet in their 30s are in recovery and I tell them how attractive they are because of the process of facing what got them there which now developed their emotional vocabulary.

People who face that they have done wrong but are committed to correction are amazing friends, lovers, partners, guides, teachers, leaders, presidents. It makes for a better human to face your shit, to feel actual sadness for getting it so wrong, and to use that as empowerment to never get it wrong again – and to even inspire others to not do the same. The better human gets humbled before they rise so that they don’t rise phony and with something that will collapse later down the way because it was a castle built on sand.

We feel confident when we drink or do certain things. We easily can gain success with money and promotions. We can show ourselves as one thing but keep this other thing totally hidden from the camera’s view. But can we also be confident while just being ourselves and rise organically from our authentic gifts and abilities and be okay sharing our mistakes and ways that we are not perfect? Yes. And when we do, we discover something wonderful. When we get present with the here and now, and are at peace with it all, life gets better.

Making money is not the why of why you are here. Allow a new way to unfold from you not needing to know and being open to what will rise from the depths to get your Phoenix in position like an elder who no longer chases youthful dreams that ultimately are about needing attention and things to fill up what feels fractured inside. To surrender and trust fills you with elder vibes. To live the old world ways keeps you in youthful frustrations. Surrender to see higher. Let go to find your better way because something is rising to let you know the game has changed and you need to keep with the new tempo.

28 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Venus. Moon/Pluto.

MOON PLANNER: Venus. Pluto.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 22 Libra to 5 Scorpio


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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