thursday 2 december

Now remember what we talked about yesterday and set your position into feeling like you are invincible and as if you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t go into this getting waterlogged and overwhelmed with all that needs to be put through a correction session. And don’t get down if you see so much and feel so overwhelmed and tangled as you see others collapsing and struggling with their own idea of things.

There will be a rapid session of way too much going on and way too much to figure out, but then it will clear to an open ocean where the calm waters will have us focusing on things outside of scarcity and feeling like we are working so hard just to get by. And on these last days before the Solar Eclipse, you need your feet in 2 worlds, where you are facing what is coming up and not pushing it forever into the shadows to stay as dense energy in your manifesting abilities -- and to also hold strong hope that it will all come to an end soon and resolution and justice will prevail.

You just need to keep one foot in the doing and the other in the dreaming. And to not let go until the shift shows you have arrived in calmer waters. But this experiment/experience is to get you seeing that your mental powers are INCREDIBLE and that your energy is actually way stronger than you even realize!

And as you do and face the shadows that you before wanted to keep hidden, and with a mental space as if you are doing this to finish it and be done with the dead weight it brings, you WILL upgrade and get to a better 2 year cycle. That’s the thing!! What we are right now, and how we are digesting the storms that hit us, is what is creating the next 2 year flow. So we do not want to come at this as if we think we are losers and will not win from the effort that is being called out of us. We also need to trust that big effort brings bigger rewards and it will pay off and be what we hope it to be. But we are to expand into a better life plan. We are to stop following others dreams, and to go for what feels like we are being called into a new area of focus. It may hurt to shed some of our skins, but this is going to be worth it! Just keep unpacking the old and keep going towards the song of your dreams. As your energy lightens, you will pay better attention to where you focus your expectations -- and you will see that it DOES matter what vibration you hold and how you believe in your things. Time to turn the magic up and get to remembering that rainbows follow storms -- and they always make us feel happier no matter what is going on in our lives when we see one. Rainbows are to keep you going and they signal that it's about time to change lanes.


2 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Uranus. Moon/Mars. Moon/Jupiter.

MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Mars. Jupiter.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 12 to 26 Scorpio


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #14 Complete the dream.


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