wednesday 1 december

I am in awe of this energy! I just got news that the close of the 8 year cycle officially takes place on the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This will be when we fully let go of the old story that played out over these past 8 years, as we step into a totally new theme that will stay around for 2 years.

This next cycle is much shorter, but it will be more intense in how it goes straight to the heart of the matter and with clarity of mind driving our new dreams. The next MVG #143 will talk about how our life changes and into what new cycle theme! I’m stoked to get into them to find out too!! But just know, we are closing on an 8 year cycle, and when they are long like that, they really hold us in themes that we feel like we just can't get out of and can't break free from. The theme we are leaving was around our value and how our wounds have created a storyline where we may have been accepting less or falling into situations that have us doubting ourselves to the point we get confused about what to choose for or if we can even believe in ourselves. We have been muddied up in situations that kept us in the wonder!

But this new 2 year cycle is about us facing our ideas around self-worth and also the speed of life. It will be when we see how others dominate us into a certain position and how we may not want to stay with this contract anymore! We also may see how we are trying to be speed addicts with life and realizing it's killing us. We are to awaken to wanting to slow it down and bring it back to local and stop fronting as something we are not. It will be when we want to get more into our creative gifts and into wanting to seek more for how to make a difference with what we feel we were born to do. The MVG readings will let us in on our new roles!

So understand that you are at the end spaces right now and this MAY feel super heavy and intense just as it does when a person is about to give birth – and are on the road to being a parent and caretaker to a baby. So think about endings and about the monumental experience of leaving an 8 year journey that is about to shift into a different flow. And with that, honor this 2 year cycle as being something like the first days of being a parent. The first few years of babies’ life are most important that you are staying super aware and giving of what the baby needs to grow into the best adult who expects for wonderful opportunities. I see 2024 as when things really shift beautifully, so it makes sense that we are about to go into 2022 and into a 2 year cycle – where we now get our new babies into the best positions, where they will REALLY SHOW in 2024.

Also with this, understand it means we need to be more aware and to give to our new babies. But right now, there are things that we still need to let go of and to shift into new habits and patterns that sing of the places we want to be – that show we are working for some new expansive idea. Like, working to get pregnant or working to start up a business that may be years from showing. So, except that your new things are in transition – and that they need you still dreaming for a better world than how it has been. Your conscious moves will dig you a better course.


1 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Saturn. Moon/Uranus.

MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Uranus.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 27 Libra to 11 Scorpio


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

NEPTUNE DIRECT 20 degrees Pisces.

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