friday 3 december

We have our Solar Eclipse around midnight tonight. Expect to feel like something magical is going on and to feel like you almost see something out of the corner of your eyes or are sensing another dimension or side to things. You may notice that you are suddenly taken back to a parking lot from 30 years ago, to a time when you were about 10, to something that makes you remember the smell of what that experience felt like.

We are zooming through times in our past as we think about our relationships with others. We are going to be connecting a lot and will feel like when the lights come on at the movie theater end. It can make us feel a bit disoriented, in the way all hard truths hit us out of the blue, but this is to get you seeing into the illusion that got you buying into a life that now no longer feels like home. The inspiration that is to arrive brings news of big change all around -- and with things rippling their energy towards forcing other things to change. The storm brings waters that tear through the streams and build into avalanches that change what thought it was how things were to be.

And the changes going on now deal with all of us – and it means we all have to get up and move or shift into a better way of being. What we see over the coming days will be the wake up call we need to really position ourselves as ready to do what we can to do our things and to spread them far and wide. This means we will come at old ideas with new gusto – as if we have to do this and have to do our part to go for what we don’t want to miss out on anymore.

Most of our lives, we have ideas on what we want to change, and then we spend our lives thinking about those changes and how we wished we would have asserted ourselves towards accomplishing them. Like, why did we never work harder to make them a reality? And we stay in a cycle of shame and blame – while never moving a muscle and actually doing the work to get the shape into the position we dream. We just think of a beautiful thing – and then we feel bad because we didn’t do the thing to get the thought into reality.

This new energy is to get you shifting and moving and continuing towards the expansion of what feels good in your life. It's about having plants and helping them to grow bigger through giving them the light, water and nutrition they need. It's about thinking about our gifts and giving them the work that it would take to turn them into a real tree with real roots and a trunk that is full of confidence and truth. Not the microwave way or the injectables way or the stimulants way. But the honest hard work of tending a crop and really being in a new relationship with what we next want to draw forward into our lives. We need one foot in the old that inspires us to create the new, and one foot in the process to bring about the new into growth. We have to get comfortable in the space of working for it, while knowing we are going to grow something wonderful. Position yourself here and you are good to go!


3 December 2021



MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 27 Scorpio to 11 Sagittarius



NEPTUNE DIRECT 20 degrees Pisces. (2 DAYS AGO)

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