monday 4 october

Oh hello M O N D A Y!


Okay then! Now it feels like we are moving into a new month and a new earth and a new space that feels shifted BECAUSE of the let go of shame, blame and guilt from decisions made in your past that you THOUGHT would shine the light on you in lovely ways. You will be taking steps towards putting things into a better order, where you were left confused in what was left hanging. This is when you will grab the scissors and snip off whatever is no longer serving you. 

It will be easier to see your way through the reality of things and how too much dead weight is just going to hold you back. People are thinking about minimizing and not allowing in what soaks them up and turns things sappy. You will likely run into someone today who tries to pull you into their tidal wave. Be strong in seeing the illusion and imagine yourself at the waters edge as waves roll in. YOU have every right to step back and to not get your toes wet. Make decisions for you and your own mental health.

It is the best day to stay away from others and to really be in a processing space in your mind and where you are doing something with your hands and keeping busy. It's a great day to organize or clean up things that get you feeling glass half empty about them in your mind. You could also dedicate a new plan where you write up all the nagging things and commit to spending a few minutes a day working on them. Like, when the water is boiling and then with the tea leaves, you have several minutes where you could be doing something different. Like, cleaning one window or organizing a shelf.

This new energy wants your spaces to be cleaner and for you to really honor that dust = depression, lack of income, lack of support, lack of hope for a better day. Clutter and dust are what we are holding as dead weight when they just need us chipping away at them until they are complete. We have more time than we think! It's just that we think too much about the problem and we don’t move our feet and hands to actually solve it ourselves -- right here, right now. One thing about my new life is that I am super active in getting to the mountains to hike or to be doing things that get me off the couch and into the time that is slipping away. Yes, it may be 20 or 30 minutes of a drive – but so what. 

Listen to how you have old cold world things that talk like that, that say, but, but, but. And see that they don’t really make sense. If you are inspired to do something, DO IT. Don’t cut it down because it would cut off an hour of TV time. It's time to choose for a valuable life because then you go to bed tired and grateful for your day, instead of lazy and in regret. Step by step, we get to feeling better.


4 October 2021
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 13 to 26 Virgo
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS:  #14 Complete the dream.


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