tuesday 5 october

Oh hello T U E S D A Y!


Oh hello 11 day!! And the day before a new moon! Be aware that you need to be conscious of your space and your intentions. This is a day to be in the love and to not fall into any negative traps that will have you multiplying a darker kind of feeling. A lot of people suffer on 11 days and it doesn’t have to be that way! But what you contribute to is what will continue on this day. It's great to start with prayer or mediation or intention where you KNOW it will be a magical day for you. Seal your space and only allow in love and light. Make it known that your boundaries are clear. 

You also will likely get a visitation from a loved one from your past where you will smell them or get a strong feeling about them. This is because they can reach you easier as YOUR senses are stronger. This is YOU changing and now being able to perceive matters of the mysterious. Be open today and see how it is preparing you for a brand new cycle around how you relate to others and how you share of your role so that we see you as a certain thing.

You are not the same person you were 8 years ago. Tomorrow you step into new form. Today you think about it and think about how ready you are to bring more harmony into your life and to be what you seek from others. Change is here and it's time to come to the other side in how things hurt you or let you down, and rise into the wisdom of how strong your boundaries are in not allowing what was to ever be again. The bridge can break but it also can be built better so that nothing can break it again. Our mistakes and issues and reasons we need to heal are but a bridge broken that needs us applying love to make them represent in a better way. Don’t burn down what isn’t working. Work on healing what needs to now represent in a more loving way.


5 October 2021
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 27 Virgo to 10 Libra

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