sunday 3 october

Oh hello S U N D A Y!


Good morning! BE AWARE. The next few days are riddled with clues about a decision you will need to make that deals with a decision you made over the last 8 years. Something REAL BIG for all of us will come to help us understand why it had to be. This move you made had parts that did not work out and there has been a root of this story left in your system as shame, blame or guilt. It is there for a good reason – but this next week we come to a complete cycle change, where it has been starting to change for the past 1 to 2 years. Like the rings of Saturn, there are stages that are a sign of change, but then you get into the actual change – that changes you. We have been in the rings and now we are starting to move into the actual center of the issue. 

This lesson we are all in deals with relationships and how we do or do not have value being shared equally. To only value the other, is to not value self. And to only value self is to not value the other. There needs to be a balance where you are filled up with value and it overflows so that you too show value to others. Just as we are what we eat and what we say and what we think; there is something that first fills up and then it overflows into our life tapestry. 

In your past situation you reached out and placed more value on something OUT THERE than you did on yourself – or you saw that adding this on would ADD TO YOUR feelings of self-worth. And it went wrong, thus got you doubting your feelings of self-worth – and maybe even your decision making process. But on Karma Earth we need to trial and error our way to the best things because IT IS about the journey – and not the destination. The destination is ultimately defined from the journey where we learn ACTUAL value and ACTUAL pride for how far we have come from how much we have let go that was not treating us correctly. 

We are working to find balance of true value within overflowing as true value for others. What you learned over the past 8 years will have you choosing for different things now. Take a moment to just feel good about that – that you have actual proof or reasons to stand firm in knowing that you need something way different than you said yes to before. Feel empowered for having an answer that you didn’t have before. Don’t regret your way through your future. Be proud that you got here from the broken steps of your past that now ask you to never design them in that way again. You can handle that, right?


3 October 2021
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 29 Leo to 12 Virgo
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.

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