monday 27 september

Oh hello M O N D A Y!


Okay. Expect that maybe something will not go your way today or it at least will go off kilter from what you thought would be happening. Change is in the energy, and it means that we need to be on our toes and not get so fixated into thinking we know how things need to go. 

There also will be something that lands heavy in your mind, and the test will be on you going negative because it wasn’t planned for. Do what you can to stay light and roll with whatever comes, but just see it was supposed to for some reason. Maybe you don’t need to know why as it's also saying that you are learning to let things go and not take little things and make them into a real big pain to have to clean up. When we can just NOT take things personally and move on and let it go, we have a mind that can focus on the beauty of the next steps. 

If we take it personally and respond in the same ways we used to, we give our day away to mental focus of one topic that isn’t even in the moment anymore. It was hours ago, but it will stay the whole day, if not more. We have to learn to be more sovereign with our own systems in not allowing them to follow through into addictions or patterns that we are quick to find but consistently dissatisfied with. 

Today 100% there is something with how you relate with others and how you dance so that things DON’T catch fire and turn into something they probably aren’t. We learn now that we MUST be adults with our 100% programmable minds. If we fall into these old loops, it's just because the path is so grooved – and walked often. 

But if we do ANY HARM we are in the wrong places. And not harm, like others being offended by us. I mean harm like hurting another living thing and wishing harm on them or using words that harm, or – just all things that hurt other living things. If it causes harm, it will cause us harm in our futures. We are too connected to not also be touched by flood waters. This energy is to bring us into the ways we actually are in this big pool with everyone else, and what we do, we give them permission to do, and what we do is because others gave us permission to do it. But we were taught to cheat and lie and steal and just look the other way when things were too painful to look at. We were taught to stay superficial and to mentally dissect others in only the most negative slants. We were not taught to support and empower and really be there for others in ways where we act as a trampoline for them. We instead stay in scarcity and use our minds to see that everyone else is a threat.

THAT OLD WAY is coming to an end for many of you now. The wrong things for us will feel funny, awkward, uncomfortable and always where you are SHOCKED you did the same in your past. As we wake up, expect to let it all go and roll better as you see how it all is just testing you to see if you’ll jump on the line and be caught by some fisherman who was just trying to fool you once again.


27 September 2021
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 15 to 26 Gemini
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.

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