sunday 26 september

Oh hello S U N D A Y!


Big day here! Be aware that we come into contact with others and there is a test where you are to NOT speak or act in the ways you used to, but to really show up as this higher person who has learned the lessons and isn't so easily falling into all the traps. Enough of sitting in moments where we look at what we just did and wish we had kept our cool and not used the words we did. We keep saying we won't do it the next time, and today is the next time. 100% there is something that wants you to vibe higher and to really show you are walking the tools. 

There will be something today where you will be making a change and it deals with what is going on around you and how it inspires you to do something different. It may be while out driving that you get inspired to drive a different way or to stop for coffee at a new place. As you think, do. Seeds are being planted in us today to go with the flow and to keep changing even if we did have plans to do other things. There is magic in the mysterious flow when you really have no idea why you wanted to do this or what it will bring. Expect that element today. We really are to be led by the mystery and to tune into the ways spirit speaks to us. Things appear, feelings rise, needs speak loudly. Trust and go where you feel called to go. 

Also, this day is super chatty so if you leave the house, you will be busy! It may take an hour to walk a block if there are others around! We naturally connect and give time to exchanging words. Notice that it is easier to come up with things to say and to be in conversations where there are stimulating ideas to think about. This is another day that is to connect us in seeing how we all are in this together and we don't have to be mean and short and so judgmental with all – UNLESS that is really what we vibe inside. It's time to learn to let things go, move with the flow, and not get so stuck in negativity. This time opens us to wanting to chase what feels good instead of staying immobile in negative. 

Also, notice today that you REALLY are aware of your shadow behaviors or the things you do that you know are unhealthy. We are keen on how we want to stick with fighting the demons in our minds or the ways we sabotage our future. I know that getting into therapy was the best thing I could have ever done because all these things were confirmed by an authority. Things that could have been negative weight were let go of because I got new interpretations of what things mean through genuine support. And when you get into actual therapy, and not insta-therapy -- which in my opinion harms you as it boxes you into intellectualized interpretations -- you are forced to face what you DO need to face and not what others' wounds con you into thinking is the important thing. 

Therapists set you straight and put you to your best version. This energy is doing the same. It's getting you wanting to be better and to really stay committed to it. FOR MOST OF YOU, your biggest enemy, and what hurts your life the most, is your mind. You ALL are 100% programmable. And that which reaches your attention is what programs your system. And 100% it MAY not be the truth. Most likely, it is being controlled by money or power and what you are fed is to feed other corrupt things. But if the news got a hold on you or the news stations, you ARE what they feed you. You are the collective consciousness of some other manipulated conditioning to get you as such.

Freethinkers go towards love and not hate. The manipulation wants you hating. If you see they drive you there, get out of the car. That is old world. We don't make things better by hating them into a better position. And a real therapist that is truly an authority wakes you up because they ARE this person who knows the ins and outs of how our wounds express. The current energy will wake you all to want to really be with authorities who want your best. It's time to see that we CAN be better, and we just need to


26 September 2021
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 3 to 14 Gemini

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