sunday 19 september

Oh hello S U N D A Y! 

Okay loves!! We are moving into the Pisces Full Moon and what starts now is that you can feel real sleepy or agitated by doing things that don’t bring you joy. You can feel like a stick in the mud or a flat tire that 100% is keeping you from moving and getting to where you want to be. This time wants you being VERY introspective as you feel out big changes that are growing in you now. You may feel disoriented and really out of it, but just know, this is you going through a process that will rebirth things that you hid about yourself or that you denied because you were taught they were wrong. Where you were hidden away, you will begin to come out bold and show parts of yourself that NEED to be a part of your day to day life. 

If you feel fragile today, you just need to treat yourself with more care and the trust that you don’t need to question your “down times”. They need you surrendering to the new ways that are not the corporate mentality, white picket fence, bright green grass, sacrifice your youth to enjoy your retirement times, do the unthinkable if it means doing it to support your family with money. ALL THAT is not working with you anymore. 

As your heart grows stronger and your body speaks louder, you will be positioned in something more comfortable. Allow your emotional nature to step into a higher position in your life. Allow strong changes to sweep through BECAUSE you finally stand up and say no to what may LOOK okay but what FEELS not okay. Be with the mystery today and enjoy the ride. Just like on a roller coaster, you are NOT in control of driving it where it wants to take you. But it promises to get you giggling or enjoying the swirl of the ride. So TRUST THIS. You are NOT to have all the answers, and change IS to be what you smell in the air. Now, just wait and see. Chase joy. It's time to let go of chasing glass half empty things.

Go within. Be still. Don’t waste this time on the internet. Your answers are not to be found from others who most likely are just fronting as something they are not. The internet has been abused -- and it's time for you to step away enough so that you can actually see it for what it is. Where you can buy your way to the top, there is exploitation vibrations that defuse the power of what is being shared. We only get one chance to view things for the first time. So they also are harming your future by being ego driven to be at the top. Think differently and you will see. Don’t follow big numbers all willy nilly because they vibe something less than what they want you to see. And in the New Earth, vibration is everything. When the x-ray comes to see what is reality, it will be your vibration that IS judgement day. Don’t cheat because others do. The old way is crumbling. And there will be "hell" to pay. The authentic rises now – so put in the work and discipline and your future will hold you instead of crumble you.

We are to STOP stepping as frauds and only step as an authority. When the inner vibes with confidence, the authority is affirmed.

19 September 2021
MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling
MOON DEGREES: 6 to18 Pisces
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.

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