saturday 18 september


Oh hello S A T U R D A Y!

Be aware that you are going to walk into something REAL exciting that gets your mind super busy with ideas and thoughts about how you now next want to beautify your life. Something is pulling us into new eyes looking out and wanting to make the most of our time by doing creative things and staying in places and vibrations that feel good.

SUDDENLY we get the hotter/colder game and aren’t so prone to being left out in the cold and going towards what is going to feel like it is punishing us. Remember that what you grew up and saw, even if coming from violation and abuse, is WHAT you will then keep attracting in relationships. What we see, we manifest. What we believe, we manifest. What we know to be true, we manifest. Just like when I came upon those mis-programmed owners and their mis-programmed dog, on the trail in the readings a few days ago, that now imprinted me to be cautious of others on the trail in the future. 

Because those people stained what was pure, there will be a following streak of maintaining balance to go back to the old way that was only knowing good things in that space. When you get in a car accident, it takes a long time to stop bracing for another one. Face this fact. It does not pay to stay in spaces where we want to defend our ill behaviors. Like, we did it wrong, we were done wrong, we do it wrong, we were shown it wrong -- wake up. Waking with a jolt is NOT a bad thing – and it's on us to then run with how it inspires us to change. 

Don’t think you have done too much wrong -- because you needed to do it in order to learn how to be better. It really was supposed to be in your path!! Don’t look back with negative vibes. Miracles come out of left field. And when you most need them to empower you to great heights. So, wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. But know, when it comes you will be shot into a space of growth that is to expand your life and get you seeing your position from a better view. Be STOKED for getting out of a stuck rut of thinking you don’t got a home here. And get ready to feel like you are walking into a dream.


18 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Mercury.
MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling
MOON DEGREES: 23 Aquarius to 5 Pisces


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