SCORPIO READING | full moon in aquarius

hello love!

This is when you are to come to the other side in regard to something that confused you in your mind where you wondered if you got something wrong and are being punished for something from your past. No matter where you feel emotionally about things, be clear that you start a whole new way of living TODAY. This time wants you starting over in how you have bought into something that conditioned you to be in a foundational way – as in learned it from the parents or caught onto some manipulative pattern in childhood when dealing with your space and others.

Something got you to do and it's time to learn from doing in a whole other way where there are not breaks that do harm, but rather collaborations to disagree in peace. In some way you are to make corrections in who you show yourself or in the role that you are for others. Things are coming at crossfires with changes asking you to make a radical change in how we see you doing your thing. This means your thing is to change because you are not chasing after the same old things – which maybe is attention and being seen as important. Something will break you out of your old system because you DO need to take some time and reconsider a better path -- that is all about helping you get into a position where you love what you do and still have time for self-care and doing things that support your vibration to BE an actual vibration and not just a thought.

The self-care is where you are getting loaded with solutions to things that wouldn’t hold you in the future. And the down time is when you are seeing yourself cross bridges and come to the other side where your ego had you needing things a certain way. From the acts of spirit coming in spontaneously to change your foundation, you will step into a wildly productive manifesting space where your heart is really going to want to step into things creative that bring a lot more joy into your life. You also may be getting pregnant in the near future or will start to give birth to an old creative idea that is coming around again and where there will be a new sort of passion getting this going again.

You are doing bridges, corners and new chapters that are based on you becoming a better person and honoring that your vibration doesn’t get away with doing anything with scarcity in mind. You can't cut corners or cut others down or cut anything with disgrace and not see it bounce right back into your face. Like, you are a boomerang in these times because you need to embody the high vibes you know about, and really show up in a totally different way. Things will rattle you to get you on your bottom so you can build again with what is valuable and what is a way you can make a difference with where you are apprenticed and giving of your long-term learnings. All the change to what you thought was solid is to get you in a better position to embody something that will make a difference in your life and the lives around you. This is affecting others too, so people around you are contributing to you upgrading in a shocking and unpredictable way. 

Trust this big movement because it will get you in great position to get clear with wishes on how you want a bigger life to unfold from the changing of chapters. This ending space is to give you a new foundation that shows you are moving through a cycle and this new you is going to be very much awake and aware and trusting of the waves of life’s motions. Down sometimes leads to a better up. And up sometimes leads to a drastic ending. There are cycles playing out that bring beginnings to endings. Your job now is learning to go with that flow and use your words and intentions and actions to really bring kindness to all, and to really show up as someone like Taurus, your opposite sign, which is the sign you most are to learn from in becoming the best eagle you can be.

So be more patient with others and seek for high value in only taking on others who see you, but who see you could also still be a better person. When you awaken from what got you following the elders who were NOT the best at influencing you, you will see that your true north will be changing, and it will make total sense when it does. Don’t see life through dollar signs anymore as you live through the fear of that focus. See that fear is just glass half empty – and that view gets you seeing and doing dark things. It makes you think you have to fight for what you want or put others in their place if they even disgrace your space.

But the new you is ready to lean to glass half full where you trust your gut and don’t need to do anything other than make space for more, or less. You can take old clothes to the donation places and not do it with hate in your mind as you let go of all that no longer resonates. Be this same with people and ideas and old ways of being where you see you don’t have to keep doing those same things that trip you up anyway. Your actions matter more right now because you are to go to a higher level in how we see you. And to be taken down means you need to build this up better and to start with high vibes leading the way – not just high talk. We need you stepping into shoes that know this journey and are walking a new way on earth. Your feelings will be stronger because you need to pay attention. This new way is softer about you and it's about seeing that there are solutions to what fractures your foundation. There is something positive for you to discover and it is hidden in a cave that needs you slowing down and diving into the wonder. You are okay – and getting better!! This part here is what holds you later, so don’t compromise, and DO fix all the cracks with gold knowing they will now hold you even better.

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