SAGITTARIUS READING | full moon in aquarius

This is going to be a busy time for you where you are going to be setting many things straight that deal with you communicating clearly and sharing creative dreams or projects that feel like they are your thing. You will be starting over with something you loved to do where now you will get a second chance to do this from an older and wiser perspective. There also is something shifting with your work environment or how you spend your day to day. Something comes in to show if things really are in a balanced order and working as they really could.

This means breaks in the system are opportunities to see how this could be leveling you up and getting you into the best apprenticed position. We often have to be at the top and then tumble down to the bottom in order to really take advantage of being at the top. Sometimes things are too easy, and we don’t appreciate them. But when they come after feeling down in the dumps, they come with a renewed appreciation of valuing the good times in life.  You are going through a wave that will take you down so you can do the up in a better fashion. And there are ways you need to see how something from your past is keeping you feeling like you don’t have a home in the world because it was something fractured and didn’t hold you safe. 

Where there is illusion that keeps you feeling fragile or not complete you are to see that there is another side that needs to reach your eyes and it will only come when you are meditating or doing things that relax you. You are being asked to play in new ways where you aren’t so insecure of your creativity and are trusting that your work may be ahead of the times, but you don’t need others affirmation to keep you on the path. Something needs to start over in how you process your work where it isn’t all about some certain view that was planted in your past. And you need to feel your way to what is going to work in this next year. Your feelings are going to be louder because something needs you coming out of the shadows and talking different about what was lost in translation.

Fractures are not to be devastating; they are to become works of art that get you living more present for what IS in your life. You may be thinking about friends or ways that you give so much to your career and don’t have the energy to maintain friendships. Ways you give too much are going to be on your mind because it is time to start a new crop that runs your life. So much of this energy is asking you to believe in your creative gifts and to see that there could be a place for them in the world. If your words keep saying that you have to do things old world style and to follow what is already being done, you will just place yourself in line with all the others doing the same thing. It's time to come out of the lines and see to the other side in stepping up and getting serious about making a difference in a different way. 

Something about a project or way that you have grown over the YEARS is coming to another level and it's needing you speaking in certain ways that see the beauty in getting your things out there and operating within the internet scene. But you do also need to stay on circulating and moving the ball forward in how you want to share something that means a lot to you. Something will fall into place that comes out of the blue and it will deal with others seeing you for your gifts. 

So, with this knowledge in hand, realize that you only need to show up as the artist -- and allow the art dealers to find you. You will need your ducks in a row for when the flows do find you, but for now it's just about being in the love of what is innate in you and not seeing your past or foundation or childhood times as defining what sort of potential you have in life. You will be crossing a bridge over the next month that gets you seeing clearly into new needs that your body will be screaming about. For now, see that claustrophobia or discomfort with the world is just getting you to create a better position OUT THERE so that you still can live happy DOWN HERE. The career is not everything, and with too much of it, you sacrifice what really matters in the grand scheme of things. 

Understand that your inspiration is to come with downtime and where you ARE hooked into brilliant ideas that drop into your consciousness. So don’t chase images out there already being done. Go within and you will find the way to stardom! Seriously. You must come out of the shadows and allow your life to unfold from something more magical and synchronistic. To force ways through old world ideologies and marketing is to hold your true power back that needs a certain kind of blossoming. This is about you and spirit and not other people who think they know better. It is a fracture from your foundation that gets you thinking others SHOULD lead in some way. But, for you, your body knows best and you aren’t trusting it enough because it goes against what mainstream is thinking. Tune to your innate flow and the way it slows as often as it needs to. Food must be grown and go through a process before we get our few chews of it and swallow. See that you are growing something important, and it IS different. Don’t cave on working this into place so that it supports you. There is no rush to the top with unique offerings – there is only the patient surrender into your awakened state as co-creator with Spirit. Walk with the image that it all is going to work out wonderfully and you will be wildly supported. That is all you need to do.

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