LIBRA READING | full moon in aquarius

hello love! 

Okay love. Get ready for a real big shift around this full moon where you suddenly go into REALLY wondering about a relationship or something that deals with you being seen and valued for what you bring. Your heart will step into a new flow as you feel things differently, as you are wanting to not just live for others or make their lives feel more comfortable, but to live for what your heart is telling you it NOW needs.  You will be upgrading because you are listening to your feelings more and wanting to go deeper in understanding what your body is trying to tell you about needed change. You are being pulled inward in different ways to get you seeing that it's time to shed some skins and transform into showing yourself in ways that really embody a path that is yours to take.

Change is on the horizon because there are old ways you are in shame, blame and guilt that are to rise from you getting to another view where you value yourself without needing to first find that value through the lens of another person seeing you. You are to be stepping away from how things have programmed you to dance in a certain way in order to get attention or to be seen as special. But now there is a new song rising and it's about you going into meditative spaces where you embody compassion as you work through putting the pieces of the mystery into place.  Something will come as a shock that deals with boundaries or a voice rising in needing to speak about what is not okay. This may be about you or those around you, but it's to trigger you into honoring that we all need to trust the journey and not get so stuck in thinking we need to make others our authorities or to be dependent on their moves. Something may come as a shock to what seemed like it was a contract, but this time is to clear the air on debts that are not going to make the space for your future transformed self to feel happy. 

Some skin needs to shed and then there will be a sensitive space where you are unsure and figuring things out. Just know this is when you are to be extra creative and doing it because you love to do it, but to really see that your heart is letting you know that there is a new way for you to be – and it needs you trusting the great mystery and taking a big risk of the heart. Where you are to leap and make a change, you will know when it feels just right. See that you are to demand better and to stand in something solid in proclaiming that you are worth more. This is also about honoring that your nature is a gift, and it needs to be celebrated. If you have to chase something, it is not your thing. You deserve to be treated like royalty and it comes from you making space for royalty to see you. This is about cutting down tree limbs that keep the light from shining on the garden that you are growing. Things around you need cutting down as they embody what you are hiding behind and staying quiet in regard that IS keeping you in the shade. Consider that this time will be kinda heavy because it is so emotional and all about healing the ways others have gotten you to be this other person. You are going through radical changes that deal with HOW YOU CHANGE from bravely drawing the boundaries that make it clear that you deserve to be seen as someone that brings quality to things. 

This time is a test where over the next month you will be seeing how you hide behind others or are not really keeping it clear on what you feel and the new ways you are wanting to be using your time to focus on your soul’s purpose work and to really find the ways to bring the discipline to your dreams. As you strike out on your own or with strong conviction, you will awaken a power that gets you very determined to keep with the goals and to tackle the steps that will get you showing yourself or your art in a new way.

This time is to be very contemplative and where you are inspired by those around you doing things that get you looking deeper within. The journey will be surprising because you are to be so focused on HOW THIS MAKES YOU FEEL. Be as clear as you need to be and also be assertive in knowing there is a solution or way for the stuck things to finally get moving again. Love or a creative project will feel stuck until honesty reaches the light from what will be inspired by how it hits you. This can be like music that is so beautiful it makes you cry. Or it can be hitting into truth and it making you cry because you didn’t know about this thing, but you wondered, and now at least you have clarity. Things are to shock you in this energy in ways that don’t just stay in your mental spaces – and for good reason.

There is a new cycle or pattern about to take place and it deals with you showing your love nature in some upgraded or more serious way. There will be psychological healing that deals around feeling insecure or not good enough to be successful or loved. If in this space, know that there is a solution or upgrade that will take place FROM you wanting to bring this into balance. Assert where you have strong feelings – and know it will have mysterious results. When looking into darkness and feeling like you need to go deeper, DO SO. This time wants you deep diving and when all is said and done, you will show up stronger in our eyes and where you are sharing something that helps balance others or makes a difference in moving them along. The steps are there. Keep walking to where the heart is leading you and know that healing will be done. This time is powerful! Don’t waste it on fears or a dependance on needing to know. Let it go and surrender. Breathe and release. The answers are coming that will set you free.

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