MARCH 14 | Monday

This is a super active day that you need to be aware of. Things are going to have you firing off and speaking the truth of what you feel inside where you have felt left out or not seen for the light you long to bring. You can feel like you are looking at the world and don’t know how to find a home or place for yourself in what already is going along. It is when many of you will feel super sensitive over past moves that you now see were driven from your wounds.

I had this situation where I was hoping to hire this really young girl and we made tons of mistakes in hoping for the best while not really asking all the questions. And when we came at that point where we were not on the same page, we got to learn the true feelings we felt for each other and this opportunity.

But what I was shown through this experience was that with challenges we tend to either fight for what we want, or we fight others who aren’t giving us what we want. I was hoping she would fight for this position and set me straight with my miscommunications, if they were that, about what I was seeing -- but instead she wanted to fight me. And this girl who doesn’t even have a frontal lobe developed yet, spewed out the most vicious threats I have ever heard. She was like, I am going to do videos and destroy your business. She was like, I’m going to write a book based on your book and steal your wisdom. She even threatened me in a way that had me nervous she would do something to harm my dog in order to make me feel pain. I was like, WHAT?? And let’s not forget that I am a Record Keeper, so all the energy she sent my way is going to bury her with instant Karma. – As a way to get the humans learning that we don’t get to just work to destroy ANYONE and not have that exact energy planted in our futures where we will then be destroyed from our actions. 

It is from our wounds that we do destructive things in our present moments. It is why I always say, watch yourself and others when we don’t get our way because THAT is the true state of the wounds that are fracturing our future growth. And if we keep inflicting harm and wishing for failure upon others – because they are not giving us our way -- we all will lose what we most love and keep spiraling out into worlds that feel like we never get what we dream for.  We can't be mean spirited and think our lives will be abundant and supportive. Just like the movie, the I-land, what we do comes back and if we do evil, it becomes the world that greets us. 

So, we need to find our way through provocation and clashes that are merely showing a non-match, and NOT go so low because we feel hurt or left out because the old world programmed us to thinking we can microwave our dreams and have it all right now. We all feel like losers because at times other people DO win. We don’t get ALL the positions or all the opportunities or all the greatest loves. We learn through what doesn’t fit in order to use better words to describe what we wish for. 

I learned through this surprising clash that I need to stop promising so much (moon square Jupiter) and getting so excited JUST BECAUSE the Universe brought someone my way. I used to think it all was destiny and I am very Pollyanna about thinking miracles are happening with all people who fall on my path. What I have been learning is that I have to ask more questions (which is hard when you grew up learning you have no value) and slow down the process of integration BECAUSE there is so much trickster energy in my group collaborations because of having Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius in the 11th house and in a sextile to my Venus in the 1st house. I am teased with “the dream” in order to really find out what is hiding behind the superficial facades. I was warned by so many people in Taos who say, GO SLOW with the people you meet here because it is the Land of Enchantment, and most things are not what they seem. 

So, realize clashes are a part of life, and not getting your way is how we learn to value ourselves more so that we aren’t needing so much external to be what fills us up with faith – that isn’t there on its own. If something doesn’t love you, it wasn’t meant to, and now it's on you to not fight and hate it because your wishes are not being granted. The test is, do you value yourself enough to hear a no and not have it turn you demonic in wanting to hurt the messengers and stay trapped in the wounds that bind you into a miserable existence. It's time to learn from what doesn’t work, with love on your mind and sweet words on the lips that affirm NEXT TIME is when you get your wishes manifested. Don’t bury yourself alive just because THIS MOMENT is not seeing you for your divine light. Don’t fight or be mad at what isn’t a match. Love that you now know -- and have hope that something better grows from how you are learning to do your moves better.  


14 March 2022 | MONDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mars. Moon/Venus. Moon/Uranus.
MOON PLANNER: Mars. Venus. Uranus.
1  4  5 | 6 to 17 Leo


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