TUESDAY 28 February

Now today goes in a bit of a different direction from yesterday! Today you may be super agitated and grumpy or easily frustrated over things that are not actually a big deal. But something got us a bit tense and ready to snap over anything that keeps us from doing what we want to do. It can be that everyone is reaching out and needs help or the animals need extra attention. When you finally get away from one tangle you will probably walk into another one. It's a curious energy like that! It feels like we will want to be pulled up within our own thoughts and to not have to give our brain space away to others, but – it will be a busy day, so learn to go with the flow and know that little triggers are on the way!

You also may go into a highly emotional state where things confuse or upset you. You can look out at the world and see so much wrong that it deflates you, but you also may be looking back and really regretting what you did, or did not do. Ways that we were not able to be there for others, where now that time is gone, or people have passed on, will be on your mind. You all should really be feeling like you could have done something better – and let that be the inspiration to change you, and not to be what buries you alive. This is avalanche weather where one thing falls and then it can just bury you in sad feelings or regret. We can go from zero to fifty in a heartbeat today. So just be aware that you may feel super duper sensitive and hurt by most things but also not at all feeling good for what you have done in your past. This is to be expected.

Honestly, this energy feels like we are consoling someone during a death, which we all know there are no words. So do what you can to move through the moments knowing that they will shift as time goes on. You can’t be there for everyone and everything and we need to be more of a witness today instead of thinking we need to go out there and save the world. We all are seeing things we need to see, but this is an inside job and the only thing that will make us feel better is a written statement of what we will do with our future because of what we feel shame  over from our past.

We are on the bridge and going somewhere, so see what is around you but try to stay on path knowing this all is illusionary and becoming something that is not yet clear. Breathe and wait patiently for the next scene to arrive. This is not even close to the end of the story.




MOON DEGREES: 19 Gemini  to 1 Cancer (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  9 



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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.