MONDAY 27 February

And here we are! We finally are officially in the left side of the Moon Mapping Wheel! This is good news! This is when we really start to exhale and move into new patterns and ideas that sprung up from the last two weeks. BUT. Today most of you will feel extra tired. It is just that we are energetically switching gears, and just like when you have to put the car into reverse after being in drive, it takes a minute to adjust and get things going. We don’t just instantly pop into a new energy as we do have to shift gears as we get things repositioned. 

Otherwise, it feels like a really good day! It is where you are getting tons done around the house and are doing things that have needed you giving them attention. You maybe won't be doing what you thought you would be doing, but what you will be doing is important! That is the main flow of the day. Change is here and people will be letting you know that they can't go, but you will make a better use of your time. So hold the mindset that things not going your way are there to get you into a better space with what REALLY needs you getting something completed.

This is also a great day to connect and reach out to people who miss you. If you are out and about, expect to run into people and to have many short conversations. This is happening to wake us up to what is around us as being more important than what is on the internet or social spaces. ACTUALLY, the local scene is where you will find what you need! And especially today. So if you do feel called to exit the home, know that people will connect with you and somehow inspiration will be shared. If you see someone and love what they are wearing, give them a compliment! We are to reach out and show that we notice people, even if they are only strangers. Today has some sort of magic to it that needs you being there for it! 

I want to talk about this in a bigger way, but I got the official sign that EVERYTHING has changed and now it's going to be okay. What I knew, and it was one of the first messages I ever brought in my career, is that one day we would have people race to help others in need, rather than look the other way and act like they don’t notice. It was the sign of the changing times into the Age of Aquarius, when we finally wake people up to HOW INCREDIBLY GOOD it feels to do kind deeds for those in need. We were programmed to see those struggling as THEY got themselves in that position and it's not my problem. 

But I was told that when we finally see people caring about others, and not just supporting things above them, for fear of being taken into the lower places FROM putting attention there, THEN we would finally have the people to shift us into this new age. So all the activists out there are ultimately just provoking people to start spreading the news that we need to be better humans and that your heart will be SO tickled from giving to another in need. I mean, seriously, helping someone is the same as eating an amazing meal and having great sex. It's this exalted energy where you know you are ACTUALLY making a difference and showing people a new story on how humans could be. 

Anyway. I GOT THE SIGN the other day!!! I was turning at a stoplight where a young girl was there with her two heelers asking for assistance and I was waiting to move with the green so I could hand her what I had in the car, which wasn’t money, but it was a treat. And as I was moving up, this person from the passenger seat of the car to the right of me, who was in the straight lane, jumped out and RAN to the girl to give her a wad of money!!

This was the sign we have been waiting for, and I turn 52 on March 11 and this was the FIRST TIME I have ever seen what I knew would be the way we all would eventually be. And I have been giving away everything I can since my 20’s. If I only have $5, you better believe I will hand that over to someone in a worse off position than me. EVERY SINGLE TIME. And I do, because THAT is what we are supposed to do – and we are to NOT be the judge of how they are going to use it. We just need to walk with hearts first in order to be influencers that shift others into seeing that this can be done. I actually have another example that happened about an hour later that I’ll share later. It was two in one day, when before it was zero in 30 years.

And for the first time in years, I was like, we are okay now. As long as some of us care about those in need, we are good, and we will evolve. We don’t need everyone, but we DO need leaders showing those who actually should be helping others how to do it. And if you haven’t noticed already, I attract those leaders, and you are one of those leaders. So if you see someone in need today, don’t be afraid to lend a hand, some kind words, some food, or some money.  100% you will feel 100% after you do. And then you will be in on the greatest secret that when you give to others, you get a feeling inside that can't be created from buying physical things for yourself. I’m not going to say it's better than sex, but it's a golden feeling, and once you tap into it, you won’t go back to your old ways.




MOON DEGREES: 8 to 19 Gemini (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  8  9 



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