Oh hello PLUTO moving into AQUARIUS! The last time Pluto was in this sign was over 200 years ago. This sort of shift does not happen every day! IN FACT, this sort of shift is to create deep seeded pattern changes in us all where our minds will start to look for solutions and ways to improve what was done wrong. This will be when we stop focusing only on what is broken, and instead, we will learn to fabricate greatness from what never really got a chance to be what it was destined to be.

I talked about how we have been waiting to see that people will race to be of service to those who are in pain and are asking for assistance. With Pluto in Capricorn, we looked down at those who were behind us on the ladder, and we held energy that saw those struggling as NOT our problem and something that THEY created so THEY need to figure their way out. BUT. The systems put into place that crush people were only doing so because the whole focus has been to elevate those with privilege and to give THEM all the opportunities. In focusing only on the elite and giving our praises to those who were NOT born into the struggle, we squash those who were. In giving all your attention to one direction, you turn your back on the other side.

BUT THAT CHANGES NOW. What has been building is us really seeing through the bullshit in how we give to those who do not need a thing and we hold back from those who do. And in the past month I have seen SEVERAL people -- all men -- who have stopped what they were doing in order to hurry over to people on the side of the road or at grocery stores who were asking for help.

We have been waiting for THAT SIGN to know that the shift has taken place and now we can expect that to grow, grow, grow. All new collective patterns start as small numbers of people doing what is right, such as bringing in your reusable grocery store bags. At one time, no one did it. But now, most people who are even slightly conscious are doing it. This is the pass it on movement where we see people doing what hasn’t been done and then we naturally gravitate towards doing the same.

Most of the film producers are men and they shaped how they wanted women to be. Most of the media owners are billionaires and conservative and they have shaped what they want us to believe. Cambridge Analytica changed the world because of all their money and manipulation on facebook. They literally changed the narrative to something full of illusion, full of hate, and one sided in trying to convince the people to see a small fleck in the ocean and to ignore all the 99% of what is ALSO there. If facebook had not given away our data and allowed Cambridge Analytica to spend a million dollars a day in convincing targeted and specific people of their lies, we would have a totally different world that was building before 2016. It was stopped BECAUSE of the shift it was creating and now we are going back to the 50’s where the billionaires want us to be, which means staying in line and following the corporate way. It means keeping things superficial and focusing most on your lawn being fake green and weed free.

BUT. Not with Pluto in Aquarius!!! This is going to annihilate false ideologies and ways that we are not uniquely following our own truth and doing what feels right in our bodies. The people Cambridge Analytica influenced now vibrate hate and venom on the DAILY. They created a movement to distract those who really want to vibrate love and who want to bring humanity up in vibration. Which, if you ever hear me getting loud on issues, the main one I say is, WATCH WHAT YOU ARE VIBRATING. It doesn’t matter jack shit what others vibrate; it matters what you vibrate. They will manifest what THEY vibrate, so don’t go low in trying to show anyone how wrong they are. We are to learn to hold neutral vibes when in conflict and to see that we become what we see if we match the low vibration. THEN life sucks.

So just know that you are going to be so much stronger in the years coming because of this epic Pluto shift. It means we are going to face our depths to make peace with our own fractures, and we will stand up to be powerful humanitarians in showing others a better way. Remember that we lose 20,000 humans a day to hunger, where their bodies give out and organs fail because they don’t have enough food to eat. That is unacceptable with all the bling bling madness in people who ONLY care about more money for themselves and their families. This will mark the beginning of the end of supporting such fake ways and fake people and fake exploiters of what IS someone else’s material. The fake won't make it with Pluto in Aquarius because now the badass births and it IS ready to go against the grain in doing what is for the betterment of all. We find more happiness than we could ever imagine when we GIVE and HELP and BE OF SERVICE. So, make it about you if you want to, but if you make it about others, you will feel so much better, and things WILL come together like magic. Our world has changed and the dance we do and how it will manifest us things has changed too. Give and you will receive all that YOU need.




MOON DEGREES: 23 Aries to 6 Taurus (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  5  6 



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