FRIDAY 24 March

EXPECT to make contact with others today and for it to somehow impact the ideas you have for your future. This MAY be something challenging for some of you where you are going to have to step higher and be a better version of yourself. It may be that you are provoked and are ALMOST triggered into going low and acting how you would in your past, but you WON'T this time.

We are learning to value yourselves and our vibration so that we don’t just give it away to others who are in some struggle that has them wanting to beat on our door and break us down. We have not yet gotten to the point where we can be in challenges and NOT pull others in where we attempt to drown them too. We have to value ourselves in drawing boundaries so that we don’t just take it all on and end up a mess on the floor BECAUSE of others and what they are going through.

The internet has ruined so many people because it gives you everything you could seek for. When you have the option of ALL, you will NEVER be happy because acquisition is too easy, and you also get addicted to needing more and more. Just like with porn and how it became something that has no restrictions where you can look up ANYTHING you could imagine. For this reason, people get hooked into this addiction and they TOTALLY lose value for sex and relationships because they now keep swiping for the next and going deeper into what ELSE is out there. It also is why people now are going so extreme – because then they need more and more and more, just like with heroin. With all available, MOST PEOPLE are not disciplined or strong enough to stop and control themselves.

So we are learning a new way to be humans in the world where we go slower in what we want to see manifest and where we get clear that we can NOT take it all on and still think we can function. We need to see that YES, we can drink and smoke and snort and pop pills, but ARE THEY FOR OUR BEST? Yes, we can stay consumed to social platforms, run by conservative billionaires, and scroll our way to confusion and insecurities, but is that the best way to spend our PRECIOUS time?

When you really love and value yourself, are you so quick to escape and try to hide from reality or your feelings? Is taking on TOO MUCH what is forcing you to want to run away and NOT deal with things? There are hard questions we need to face, and they deal with how we value our time, our bodies, our minds, and our hopes for the future. So be with what comes into your day but don’t think you have to take it all on! You can decide on what needs a NO and what needs you to GO. People are showing you important things and there is a NEW WAY FOR YOU TO BE that deals with coming out of the lines and NOT following the status quo or programmed pathway that is NOT going to work for an exceptional human like you. So. Stop in your tracks and get comfy declining what feels like it will pull you into misery. It's time to never go there again and to make today the first day you really value your existence.


Stop in your tracks
and get comfy declining
what feels like it will pull you
into misery.
It's time to never go there again
and to make today the first day
you really value your existence.
And you don’t have to take it all on
And try to be there for everyone.
ONLY DO what feels good in your body.
That heavy feeling inside means NO
And it's time for you to honor the GO.




MOON DEGREES: 7 to 19 Taurus (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  6  7 



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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.