Okay loves! Get ready to feel a bit fiery about life and to want change RIGHT NOW. We are SUPER fed up with certain aspects that are not moving as we had hoped, and it can have us focused on wanting to just get on with it. Expect to see people moving too quickly and wanting to be first, or to not have to wait behind others. We are VERY self focused at this time, and we won't be all that clear on how we are affecting others! So just expect that you will feel a bit anxious about all the things that are yet to be in the position that will really make you happy. And this is OKAY! Nothing to worry about here!

BUT do be aware that we are feeling provoked in order to really be clear with how we want things to be in our future. We are upset and ready for change, but ultimately, we need to use this energy to write out stories of our next 3 months where we plan for new ideas that need us focusing into something that has not yet been seen. Therefore, we have to believe in ourselves and shoot our arrows to all the places that feel like they will be what we dream. We are NOT with answers at this time so there is no completion in the sense of checking final things off -- but this is because we are still designing!

Something is changed about your energy, and you WILL be seeing that you have every right to exist and to thrive in the world. But we need you seeing that you deserve better things and that just because something is not here today doesn’t mean it won't be by the end of next week! We need to see that we CAN DO THIS even if it hasn’t been done before. We are to be going beyond all the goals of our past and to believe that this year we finally get to create new patterns.

It is SO IMPORTANT that you are birthing new mental habits that are NOT continuing to go against the wind and into your past where all your nightmares took place. We need to turn around and see that potential for growth IS THERE and it is not in the same direction of our past. We can't create the new while walking that we believe our past will replicate and continue to be. We can't create a PHD lifestyle when we are still worrying about all the troubles we had in high school. We need to let something go that is obviously NOT working and open to something that is still a mystery but that FEELS right.

Also do know that something with your wounded ways will rise today and it MAY have you feeling like a loser, or that something is not good enough about you. We just need you shutting those old thoughts down and planting something that speaks of patience and trust that something really good is on the way – even if you don’t see it today. See for something better and it will arrive. See for something horrendous, like what you saw in your past, and it will arrive. What you see, you will get, and it's time for you to see with beauty because you deserve the best! YOU DO. Stop talking like you deserve to be punished and to experience pain. This is not the truth but it WILL BE CREATED if you continue to buy it, preach it and proclaim it to the world.


See for something better,

and it will arrive.

See for something horrendous,

like what you saw in your past,

and it will arrive.

What you see for


So see blessings, miracles

And love coming your way.

It’s time to let go

Of only seeing pain.  




MOON DEGREES: 9 to 22 Aries (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  4  5


YESTERDAY: NEW MOON in ARIES: 11:23 AM Mountain Time 1 degree Aries.


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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.