sunday 2 jan | new moon in capricorn

O h M O O N! We LOVE when you go new in Capricorn and inspire us to rebuild what feels broken down, and to give our lives another chance at growing into something better. This is when many will hit rock bottom and wake up to what is really important about life. It is when the façade of the old world ways are collapsing because we are waking up to how fraudulent things are and always getting us to be our fakest versions.

Even how you were led to believe that you are most powerful before 30 is the biggest lie of them all. And it pushes some of you to go beyond breaking point in trying to keep up with the ways you were programmed to actually be giving away your power. None of you wake to your actual power until you are 40, and it grows stronger each decade. But the old world wants you to believe it all is over by 40 and to fill your moves with stimulants and copy and paste ideas SO AS to keep up.

But now, many of you are going to feel mad, and possibly even sad, that you bought into this game that is hurting your future potential and keeping you chasing dead end lanes that further fill your mind with blame, shame and guilt. If you were honest about what goes on in your mind, you will admit that you crush yourself because you can't live up to what others think you should be doing. And that has got to stop. It's time to wake up to a new flow in how things need to go – and it is organic in you. There is a slow and steady climb that you need to sign up for in seeing that to not walk the talk is to just create something that doesn’t have the power you seek. Everyone wants to reach the top of the mountain and be seen and valued for what they bring. But many are getting up there and needing other people’s works and words and wisdom in order to patch up the gaping holes leaking energy because the journey was glossed over and sped up in order to make the destination the only reason for the climb.

Many people will be losing their grip and finding that they plummet backwards in order to REALLY be where they are being placed in vibration and in where they need to be in life. We sit in places and learn big life themes that MUST be faced before we move forward. We can't just fake it until we make it and keep showing something that is not the reality of what is buried deep. In 2022 our energies REALLY shine through – and the truth will set you free, or it will pull you back to really learn and know what you are fronting as but aren’t really vibing as. This is going to be an x-ray vision year where things WILL feel cold and lifeless if we aren’t where we are supposed to be. But it also means that we have to back track to get out and into something that feels better. So we have to face where we cheated to be somewhere else, or manipulated the journey in order to position ourselves in some idea of where we think we need to be.

Remember that I didn’t even share my gifts with you until I was 41 – when I knew for fact I was talking a path I walked, and not fronting in any way as something needing support to keep it standing. None of my work is influenced by anyone else out there. It all is original material and full of potency because it's the real deal.

Every one of you has something that needs a slow and steady pace in bringing it to your reality. The fast track is for those that don’t really believe in themselves – as it is seen as WHAT will get them believing that they are special.

We need to stop that fast forward FAME AT ALL COST approach and get back into our natural grooves where true happiness will be grown. Too many are getting to destinations empty handed and even more depressed. So, honor that your feelings going low means you aren’t going the best speed for you OR you aren’t on the best path for you.

As I worked in coffee shops and waiting for when the gates would open for me, I had to be super patient as I dealt with mainstream people wanting me to know it was not acceptable to be doing this job in my 40s. And I knew it was all that was available for me in those moments! So, it WAS where I was supposed to be. It WAS where the Great Mystery was placing me to learn all the socialization skills and learn to walk a journey that most would not sign up for. But I loved it! I LOVED doing that work and LOVED being a force of sunshine for all the regulars. And it was WAY less pressure than the position I have now. I liked being able to turn off work when I left. Now, work is everything – and I love it, but it's not carefree – and it is non-stop.

So. Look at your life and think about where you need to rebuild your position on the mountain. Life is to grow heavier as you get older and there is no need to race to positions that you think will give you attention, when really they will be giving you responsibility and extra work to hold them together if YOU are not really what you want others to think you are. It's going to be hard to hold the fake in 2022, so listen to how the wind blows today because it may be speaking about taking you down a few notches – and this is okay – in fact it is being put into place so that when you really do rise, YOU are the real deal and undeniable in our eyes. Work makes better. Discipline makes best. Trust where you need to be as you grow into real power that doesn’t need anything to keep it standing.

2 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Chiron. Moon/Uranus.

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Uranus.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 5 to 19 Capricorn


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #13 Manifest it.  #14 Complete the dream

NEW MOON 12 degrees CAPRICORN (11:33 am Mountain Time)

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I am gridding my apartment today for the new moon 🌚! So excited! Thank you for the crystals and directions.

Felicia Borel January 02, 2022

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