monday 3 january

Okay get ready for this! What we are going to be seeing for days to come are some intense viewings into what needs to be rebuilt and put into a better position. But for many, it will feel like one thing after another and feeling totally fed up with the process. BUT. Do not get down and do not go negative because many of you are about to turn a corner and you will see that the pressure is finally lifting. It will get more intense right before it shifts for you.

So do what you can to trust that whatever dark cave is there is because you need to rewrite some story about how life has been, but with YOU seeing for the situation making sense and some sort of solution coming. If you hold the perspective that you KNOW you will get through this and you KNOW this will not break you, you will be safe. We are dancing with our fears and how holding them steady is what is holding them ever present in our lives. We are waking up to the power of our minds to bring us beautiful new things – and it takes breaking through the boulders WE have put in place because others told us we were wrong or not good enough or have no value and deserve to suffer. It will be our addictions to suffering that now finally wakes our minds up to staying diligent in seeing that we need this experience in order to get us to the top of the mountain with a vibration that knows the very situations we are trying to work our way out of.

So, there is NOT a mistake to where you are, and it is NOT because of your past missteps that you are stuck or on a dead-end street. It is because you incarnated to work through this particular challenge around money and value and your mental state. It is because your life is on purpose in needing to learn certain things, and this one here needs to come to a resolution and with a new habit planted in how you see your place in the world and what sort of secret thoughts you use around that. Today especially wants you to see that if you think it, you will see it, and you have to be the one who stops seeing for so many nightmare things. Your fears will get you everything you choose for in 2022. But your hopes will too. And it's time to find the rotten spots inside your mind that keep shooting for all the low scenarios.

All the hatred and limitation you think you see, and that you keep talking about, is going to be your life. And the only one who can change you is you – because all this manifesting power is in your mind and coming from what you secretly say and the things you do that DON’T match up to you being a high vibrating person like you wish to be. 2022 is about integrity, honesty and purity. And WHAT stands in the way will be pounding you in the next few weeks SO THAT you wake up and stop following mainstream programming that wants you weak and accepting defeat. Deep inside you know you are here for something important and it's time to wake that up and get into a position that KNOWS the solutions will rise when your mind sees for the potential for something greater to be. Take control and steer things towards victory.

3 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Venus. Moon/Pluto. Moon/Mercury.

MOON PLANNER: Venus. Pluto. Mercury.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 20 Capricorn to 4 Aquarius



NEW MOON 12 degrees CAPRICORN (yesterday)

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