satruday 1 januray

Oh hello 2022!! We have a 6 year, and this is going to usher in new levels of compassion and love that we feel for one another. We also start this year on an 8 day which further affirms that what we put out there IS going to come back to us. Just like you learned in the movie, The Shack, that YOU ALL need to watch, NONE OF US get away with anything. It all is paid back, measured out and translated into situations we have to walk in this lifetime or next. Just because we see injustice in our Earth world doesn’t mean every single person committing evil acts is not going to manifest the same vibration x 10. We don’t get away with ANYTHING. It all becomes a weight we then have to hold that attracts situations our way.

So, we have to wake up to stop wanting to get even or to wish that others will feel pain. A day will come where payment will be demanded and it's not on you to orchestrate or judge others where you think they need to be. This is what is hurting most of you because we secretly feel pleasure at the thought of others failing – and that way of being HAS to manifest failure on the one doing the thinking. This is work between you and you – and it takes a bigger person to admit they DO go low when they don’t feel seen or valued in life. You will have to stop yourself from these old ways of seeing your place in things.

I’ve always wanted you to see that later is better because we live in a world where so many copy and paste what has already been done. The internet only has a few people really operating with integrity and doing what comes naturally. The majority has been created from what has already been created by others. 2021 started to bring rumbles to what is not authentic and built with integrity, and 2022 brings it to the ground. So, expect to be challenged if you need to think again about the ways you created a structure that you want to hold you and get your things out there far and wide.

You are so important with what you are here to bring that we don’t want you bringing other people’s things and trying to make it your own. Every one of you is unique with something special that you have always naturally given – even if it never generated income or you can't see the ways for it to support you. What I have always done naturally is empower those who are struggling. I can tune into your energy and feel the pain and I naturally want to come in and help you feel okay for the ways you have been programmed to respond to life. I offer support and work to fill your belly with things that help you feel taken care of. That’s why I stayed in the service industry until starting this career here. I’m good at helping you feel better and supported on the ascension journey.

You are to use this year, and this day, to really think about what you do naturally and then you are to love yourself for doing this so well. That is what will bring you the opportunities to do it for a living. Some of you are great with kids, and you need to be working with them. Some of you are great with people in recovery, and you need to be working with them. Some of you are great with numbers, like me, and you need to be working with astrology, or numerology, or bookkeeping. Some of you are great at supporting others and you need to be working on a team where you can help lift the momentum.

We need to keep it real about what lights up our hearts naturally and not where we are just doing what the old world thinks we need to be doing to support ourselves on Earth. Today is to be when you plant a seed for following your heart and not making it about what others think you need to do or what will just generate money. Whatever comes to you today is important. Don’t push away a dream because others haven’t done it before. Design your best life today and see that 2022 will be when you finally feel free to do what you have dreamed since childhood.


1 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune.


MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 20 Sagittarius to 4 Capricorn



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