Saturday 29 October

Expect to wake up and feel different today as if you don’t want anything to pass you by or you feel like life is somehow running out and you do not want to miss the opportunities. You can feel a strong drive to show up in life and to not chase down all the ways we were programmed to want to escape. Sometimes it serves good purpose to spend the day or a few on the couch as we wait for inspiration to guide us about new directions to take. But we also have to start getting up and following the internal signs that are there to get us wanting to reach for more or to rebuild what now no longer satiates.

This day is all about seeing for the positive as you work through what may be tangled and not really moving in a fluid motion that supports health or a proper balance. Your job is just to see that things CAN get better, and the blocked position is not the end of things. We are learning to work with dysfunction so that we encourage it to change and not to stay in its wrong ways. If the lake is almost empty, we are to see that storms will come in the future to fill the levels and get them back into healthy.

We are to stop our addictions of only focusing on the dwindling of the lake and how much more could go wrong if it fully is gone. Enough of seeing what is broken and making it an even worse thing. It is time to rise into our higher mind where we trust the process and know that things are always morphing into our expectation of what they could be. Your fears will lead the way if they are all that you can see. So do your all to upgrade into a more loving way of processing pain and the mystery of what things ultimately mean.

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