Sunday 30 October

Again, we are noticing a different flavor to life where we aren’t so concerned with how things look now, and rather will be focused on how we want them to next be. This is TRANSFORMATIONAL TIME for us all. It is when we look at our lives and see that often we do have to take steps back from what we thought would work, but it is only because we needed to walk the teaching of the loss or disappointment, and we need to travel a road in order to really SEE things for what they are. Just like how I always talk about when I first moved to San Francisco when I was 24 and how that big leap of mysterious faith is what brought me in contact with people from all over the world, and it allowed me to see that we can do WAY MORE than what we learn we can do if we stay in one place with only one view.

You may think things are a certain way if you stay the same and don’t go out there to discover other truths from the other sides. You can think one brand is the best to use, but you only really know if you buy other brands and trial and error your way to what really is the best option for you. We have to explore and leave what is predictable in order to see what really could make us happy. Being progressive is about leaving the same of what the old world wants you to believe and going out there to really find WHY some people are so afraid of innovators of change. Is it that life is only lived through exalted senses when we sit on the edge of what is new and uncharted and actually try it out to see what it entails? If you only eat Chinese or Italian food, you are missing out on all these other ways of creating meals with different ingredients. It is time to discover Ethiopian or Polynesian food. Don’t be afraid to try something new because right now it is showing up because it will complete you.

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