saturday 18 dec| full moon in Gemini

O h M O O N! We LOVE when you go full in Gemini and get us to realize the power of our words and intentions. We love how you get us to see how we intellectualize so much but usually don’t even have a grasp on reality. We place definitions on actions that were programmed into us to first place. We learned racism. We learned the ways our eyes look out and judge certain things as positive or negative. We learned our hatred and our unflinching support for what defends our programmed beliefs.

TRULY. The only way to know is to go out and walk some journey so that you REALLY know what you are talking about. You can't KNOW behind a screen or within your local unit of any one image you see. If others want you to see something and they have more power than you, they will make it so that you see one piece that gives your brain enough to believe in. Our brains are beautiful lumps of clay that too many before us realized are moldable and where we then will fight for what we are programmed to defend. Are we correct for what we defend? Most likely NO, we are not. There are not enough healthy and high vibing people in front of us to be leading the way just yet. So most likely we protect what others in power want us to fight for – but that actually we don’t need to.

We are in the energy of people waking to how they have been fighting with others when they don’t feel valued or when they don’t get quick results or instant gratification. If we are forced to wait and not know, when we have invested into something, where we think we now own this thing, such as when exchanging money, how low do we go? Do you see yourself as a victim – and you having to wait making you mad at others or frustrated that you are not being seen or getting your dreams RIGHT NOW?

Do you go low when you are forced to flow and not know? That is the question of 2022. And now ushers in the energy that is to get you thinking about this so that you can wake from the toxic implant in your brain that keeps you doing all the things that keep you living a life that doesn’t make you happy.

If you have to wait, be high vibe about it. Don’t be negative and think things are happening to ruin you or affirm that you never get your way. It's time to wake up to how your mouth is voting with every thought you launch – with every loving and evil intention you shoot out there.

Where you want others to feel pain and to lose in the future, your arrow will be creating that FOR YOU. Where you want others who have hurt you and let you down to THRIVE, and to still win even though they didn’t give you want you wanted, your arrow will be creating that FOR YOU.

Your love in troubling waters is what is going to soar you in 2022. So be honest as you ride the waves that push you to the limit, and listen to how your words and mind speak. Do you trust life and go with it seeing that you are a winner NO MATTER WHAT – and all that occurs IS BEING orchestrated by a higher power to teach you things and to celebrate your existence?

If you do, you will be all the great things you see for yourself. Don’t give up by wanting others to hurt and suffer – it is the kiss of death in our new energies. Go high vibe about it or go home. You are NOT a victim and you do not need to put things down in order to feel better about what you do or do not have in your life right now. And even though EVERYONE before you has not shown such a gracious way to be – wake up my lovely and see that it is the way that WILL manifest you the life of your dreams.

You got to plant what you will grow – and you got to talk it, walk it, be it and commit to it being your thing for it to become what you dream. Your words can be toxic and it’s time to see that you deserve the best and that nothing is working against you. Stop planting what you don’t want to eat. Stop talking negative about others because it is going to be planted in your pristine garden instead – and you will have to eat it in your future – which is why you may feel like you are eating it right now.


18 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune. Moon/Jupiter.

MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Jupiter.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 17 to 28 Gemini


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #15 Wound Healer.


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