sunday 19 december

Oh loves! How perfectly timed is this! So today we have a lot of cosmic activity that's very important to think about. Basically, what we're talking about is this whole situation of us operating within the structure of how our wounds programmed us to see incorrectly about life.

If you grew up not feeling loved, you will not understand what it looks like to really be loved. You will choose what does not love you because we naturally go towards what we were programmed to believe IS the way things are. And today we have Chiron going direct at the same time of having Venus going retrograde.

We are in the energies of understanding what our wounds are and being honest about how we are pushing things away or staying in things that aren’t valuing. We first have to recognize what we're doing and then we have to go backwards to understand where we first braided these things into our braid that now we see we must go back and heal something before we can go forward.

This energy is like going to a therapist and sitting one on one with someone who actually has the best wisdom for you and they can say these things that set you free in a heartbeat. We are to be uncovering material that helps us understand why we've done the things we've done in our past and to also rebuild in ways where we didn't know any better. It is true that we all did our best with what we had in our past. And as true as it is for you it also is just as true for everyone who hurt you and let you down. This energy is when we are to connect dots and to wake up to rebuilding a way we will allow our love natures to be in the world. And it means not wanting to fight everything that isn’t what we think it should be. We don't have to take everything personally and as if it is to hurt us. It IS a choice of interpretation that we have taken in our past that just now needs us upgrading how we process what “isn’t going our way”.

You will feel sensitive today, but it is to pull you into ways you can take care of what will better support you. You may want to be in the kitchen and get the house smelling all yummy. You may want to work on a room that was a junk room but to turn it into a sweet space to do your creative things. You may want to soak in the tub and do tons of low key things.

It's a day for you to decide but to also see that you are worth way more than you thought in your past and it's time for you to be on your side, with words and actions that affirm you CAN start over, and you CAN build a platform of support that makes you feel safe in life. There is more for you to dream for and it's on you working through the clutter around you that keeps you feeling lost in translation with your dreams. The attention you give to yourself, in creating acts of self-care or maintenance are seeds planting for future blessings. To give is to receive. Don’t overlook what just needs you providing support today.


19 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Chiron. Moon/Mercury.

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Mercury.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 29 Gemini to 10 Cancer



FULL MOON 27 degrees GEMINI (yesterday)

VENUS RETROGRADE 26 degrees Capricorn

CHIRON DIRECT at 8 degrees Aries

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