friday 17 december

You already can feel that some big shift is happening, and it will be wildly noticeable in how you are talking with others and also how you are engaging in new ways. Notice that others may be super depressed, and their minds will be confused with the wonderment of how wrong things could go.

But also notice that it is rolling off your back like water, as if you are looking out at someone on TV and it is not really saturating your system. Expect that something comes in to dampen your dreams or bring limiting ideas to what you felt was possible – but know that this is happening for you to notice how you process it differently. Your body won’t be getting so worked up and diving into the pool of fear. It will be more neutral inside where you are rolling with things.

This is the new gift of the energy and it's what really gets you all into a new pattern and into the flow of how your next 2 years are going to go. I am asking you to notice the way your body is processing because we need your attention seeing that the day HAS changed, and you are NOT who you used to be. Your body runs better now, and it won’t be so taken and fooled by the illusion that wants you losing your life to fear. Fear will give you something to fear! Hope will give you something to love. You deserve to live a life of love. You are too special to sign up for what fear will deliver you.

And your mind is going to understand those sentences now more than it has over the last 8 years. This is when we wake up and walk straight, where the crooked path forced us to abide and deliver. What feels wrong is going to feel so incredibly imbalanced. What feels right is going to feel like it was created for you and it's what you have been waiting for. And no more of allowing your mind to be what sets you into any course of action. It must be attached to body feelings that scream THIS IS SOMETHING.

Also expect a solution to come or some sort of new upgrade to reveal that deals with what test you pass and how things aren’t sticking like glue to you like they used to. A reward comes that really gets you to shift and it should have you feeling really good at the end of this evening in seeing that you are reborn, and the world awaits the love you dream for what next could be.

Expect changes and lots to be going on, but also to be getting many things accomplished and moved around. Just flow with it and you will end up feeling real good when the day is done.


17 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Saturn.


MOON PHASE: start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 6 to 16 Gemini


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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Lovely to read your message for today ♡ Just confirming the vibes I feel around me, my path, my purpose in this life ♡

Cilla December 17, 2021

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