saturday 13 november

Okay my love! Today is a wild day where you are going to feel things SO STRONG. It can be overwhelming to many as you will be overtaken by sadness at seeing that so many are drowning and need to be saved. This is part of that provoking inspiration I was talking about the other day. It is where we get rained down on with things so that we finally wake up. As we have been talking, the rich are only focused on getting richer, and therefore they take from the rest and without even a second glance of care. They do not notice us and actually think of us as the army. They also think we deserve to suffer in any way we are and that we need to get over just wanting everything for free.

Recognize the power struggle and find your way to compassion. This energy is bringing us in contact with reality, but it wants you to design a better future through seeing for ways to assist others and transition us from a world that is mentally focused (where money lives) to heart focused (where compassion lives).

As we are provoked awake, we can really see how out of balance people are, and the point is that we are to take this and create a better solution. Yes, the rich are killing Earth and our potential to have more generations enjoy life here. THEY DID THIS. Not you and your lack of recycling. Those that have too much wealth have very little heart focus and it means they have severed their connection to compassion. BUT – through the provocation of this awareness, you are to create a better way to be. You can't make them have compassion and care – but you can wake up to the reality that you and I NEED TO.

Someone needs to step up, and we can't look to the rich to save us. They aren’t interested. So, we must stop following what they want us to do, and we must focus where they give no attention. What matters not to rich people, matters most to Mama Earth and God. So, get ready to follow a new leader. And you will know who is to lead by the way it feels in your body.

This is when we really surge into the humanitarian heart. And not feel so self-absorbed. YES, we do have it hard. And even though those early in the healing journey don’t want their wounds canceled by reference of others who suffer greatly too – as you heal, you will see it is SO SOOTHING to give your heart to others in pain and to not stay so focused on how wrong we were done. There are babies born into sex trade, 2 year olds in other countries that are here to service white men from the USA, people unfairly put into jail where they now will live their lives. People who can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t see, can’t hear. People born into lives where there is no opportunity to get out of what has been conditioned for them to be. There is so much pain in the world and with challenges for so many.

As we have been on the healing journey, we focus on how we can make a difference BECAUSE their pain moves us out of the gutter of our own. Then we hear of the conditions of others, and it soothes us of how hard it has been – seeing that it could be worse. But also, you hear of people like me who ARE who they are because of what wounded them. Like Colin Kaepernick and how he is so powerful because of the amazing journey he walked, a life of rejection and seeing that the better one doesn’t always win.

But it got him fierce in not giving up on the better way. He stood his ground and did not cave. He is the prototype of a new earth human. And so are you when you come from the most devastating wounds. So are you when you have been shoved to the ground and have to watch others win even though they do NOT deserve the position. To lose and lose again is the way of birthing a new earth star. The test is, do you continue on? Or do you let the challenges diminish you into thinking something is wrong with you? Get up. To be pushed down means you are important and need to first grow a thicker skin. Heal and deal and keep moving towards compassion.


13 November 2021


MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 13 to 24 Pisces


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #14 Complete the dream.

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